Nature and extent of violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation against people with disability in Australia’ report

From the information gathered in this report it is clear that people with disability remain at much greater risk of experiencing physical violence than people without disability.

The report shows that over the course of their lifetime, about two thirds of people with disability have reported some kind of violence compared to just under half of people without disability.

In the last year women with disability were more than twice as likely to report sexual violence as women without disability. A quarter of young people with disability reported violence in the last year compared to 11% of those in older age groups. And people with cognitive and psychological impairments reported higher rates of all types of violence compared to people with other types of impairments.

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Disability Royal Commission

Centre of Research Excellence in Disability and Health (CRE-

Disability Royal Commission

Date published:
Mon 15th Mar, 2021