Improving the response of the justice system to sexual offences

This review has the potential to reshape the way the justice system deals with sexual offences in Victoria. Anyone with experience and interest in this area, including people whose work involves responding to sexual harm, people working in the justice system, family violence and child protection workers, people who have experienced sexual harm, counsellors, academics, and researchers are invited to share their views.

The review focuses on:

  • barriers to reporting sexual harm
  • why reports of sexual harm may not proceed through the justice system
  • how to reduce the trauma of victim survivors in the justice system
  • how to improve data collection and reporting
  • the best ways of responding to sexual offences, including alternatives to the justice system
  • how to build on previous reforms.

8 short issues papers have been published that describe the current justice system response and ask questions about how it can be improved.

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Legal, Corrections, Justice System

Victorian Law Reform Commission

Date published:
Tue 27th Oct, 2020

Closing date:
Wed 23rd Dec, 2020