Homes and Living: Group Homes Issues Paper

The Royal Commission is interested in the experiences of people with disability who have lived, or who are living in group homes. Living arrangements are a key issue for the Royal Commission to explore because we know that people with disability may experience violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation in their homes. This paper will focus specifically on group homes. Other forms of accommodation will be addressed in future papers.

Following the closure of large institutions in Australia, group homes became a common form of accommodation for people with disability. It was expected that the group home model would provide people with disability with more independence and meaningful life choices. However, concerns have been raised that group homes do not deliver these benefits. Some advocates claim that people with disability living in group homes experience exclusion and isolation, have less choice and control over their lives, and face an increased  risk of violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation.

The Royal Commission issues paper on group homes outlines a preliminary understanding of the key issues experienced by people with disability living in group homes. The paper includes 10 questions to help people and organisations to provide responses.

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Disability Royal Commission

Disability Royal Commission

Date published:
Fri 29th Nov, 2019

Closing date:
Fri 28th Feb, 2020