Email the Government to act now and end the violence!

Closing date: November 10, 2023

It is critical as it gets closer to the release of the Disability Royal Commission report and recommendations that we keep the pressure up on the Australian Government to act now and end the violence against people with disability.  We have set up this easy-to-use letter that we encourage you to add your own stories to and tell Prime Minister Albanese … Continued

Reducing restrictive practices: A review of evidence-based alternatives

The Disability Royal Commission was concerned about restrictive practices and wanted to know more about alternative strategies that could be used to reduce and eliminate them. We also wanted to better under the role of ‘positive behaviour support plans’ as a way of reducing the use of restrictive practices. We asked researchers from the University … Continued

Restrictive practices: A pathway to elimination

The report describes restrictive practices as physical, chemical or environmental restraints and seclusion that are legally, socially or professionally sanctioned. The report also includes involuntary health treatment, guardianship, financial management, and any other non-consensual or coercive action against an individual’s will as a restrictive practice.  It concludes that restrictive practices are at odds with the human rights of people with disability. The report has an eight point plan to stop restrictive practices including…

Reproductive coercion and abuse

This practice guide is for non-specialist practitioners working in areas that increase the likelihood of exposure to women experiencing Reproductive coercion and abuse RCA but do not have specialist training or experience in domestic and family violence. RCA refers to any deliberate attempt to dictate a person’s reproductive choices or interfere with their reproductive autonomy and is typically perpetrated against women, and other people with female reproductive organs, in a context of fear and control within an interpersonal relationship

Damning report into boarding houses for NDIS participants

Approximately 1,600 NDIS participants are amongst 4,000 people living in 115 SRS’ across Victoria. The interim report to be released today – which was triggered by whistle-blowers and commissioned by the Federal Government – found rife practices against NDIS participants by unscrupulous SRS providers including limiting access to supports, neglect, emotional manipulation, bribery, financial abuse and kidnapping.

Funding To Stop Violence Against Women With Disabilities

Workers in the family violence prevention and disability sectors will be better equipped with the skills to prevent violence against women with disabilities thanks to a funding boost to Women with Disabilities Victoria (WDV).

Teen brothers with disabilities found naked and locked in room, commission hears

Two brothers with disabilities were discovered severely malnourished, naked and locked in a room with no food or furniture, the disability royal commission has been told. The commission heard on Monday about the shocking case of two young men, aged 17 and 19, who authorities found living in squalid conditions in May 2020.

One Nation video mocking NDIS condemned as ‘vile’ by disability advocates

People with Disability Australia and Advocacy for Inclusion have called for Hanson to withdraw the video and apologise. The People with Disability Australia president, Nicole Lee, said the video showed “insensitive cruelty” and it contained “offensive, inappropriate and inaccurate depictions of disability supports under the NDIS”. “People with disability experience high levels of abuse as it is and now we’re being used as cheap shots for political point scoring,” she said.