The missing link in disability organisations

“My disability is the reason that I’m not on a number of boards that I could have been on,” Innes told Pro Bono News. He said that while there had been moves in recent years to create more diverse boards, (particularly in the NFP sector), people with disabilities had been left out of the equation.

You say Risk, I say Freedom

I have had the opportunity to access a wide variety of services during my life. The quality that differentiates the best from the rest is the provider’s ability to empower me to make my own choices and not assume that they should take on that responsibility.

Quality and Safeguards: You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

There is no doubt about it: the NDIS quality and safeguarding system is a complicated beast. Many newly transitioned providers are scratching their heads about what all this means in practice. If you aren’t sure whether you are across the fundamentals, here’s some questions to help…

Boards need to be concerned about human rights, quality and safeguarding

For some time, royal commissions, commissions of inquiry and regulators have been stating that boards of directors of human service organisations are responsible for their organisation observing and promoting the human rights of the people the organisation supports, and for the quality and safety of services being delivered.

Voice at the Table resource kit

Voice at the Table(VATT) is a pilot project which aims to increase the number of people with cognitive disabilities sitting on boards, committees and advisory groups within government, service providers community and mainstream organisations at a local, state and national level, in order to  inform and actively participate in planning, advocacy, policymaking, service development, delivery … Continued

NDIS countdown: Have you forgotten something?

In all the buzz about new technology and the start of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, Not for Profits need to go beyond attempting baseline survival and remember that their staff are their most important investment.

Disability Act 2006: A Guide for Boards of Management of Disability Service Providers

This document provides a guide to the Disability Act 2006 for boards of disability service organisations. It begins with an overview of what makes an effective board of management, recognising that boards need to focus on issues of governance rather than operational concerns. The document then addresses those aspects of the Disability Act 2006 relevant … Continued

Creating Healthy Workplaces

VicHealth has identified five areas where workplaces can begin to make advances, not only in improving the health of employees and preventing future problems, but also in enhancing productivity and reducing absenteeism and staff turnover. The Creating Healthy Workplaces program is structured around five areas: reducing stress promoting equal and respectful relationships between men and … Continued