NDIS Quarterly Reports

Data outlined in the latest Quarterly Report highlights significant progress by participants, their families, carers and wider disability networks including participants experiencing increased choice and control, opportunities to participate and engage in their communities and workplaces, make friends and spend their time as they choose. It also outlines the partnership with First Peoples Disability Network to co-design a new First Nations Strategy and action plan that reflects the goals and hopes of First Nations people with disability. This is timely with 9.9% of new participants identifying as First Nations people this quarter

The new guide for self-managers

The newly updated NDIS Your Guide to: Self-management provides straightforward directions and guidelines for self-managers to follow.  Let’s recap the benefits of self-management and unpack what has changed in the new guide…

PWDA Addresses NDIS Data Breach Incident

impacted National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participants, prospective participants, their families and supports as well as NDIS staff earlier this year.

NDIS ten Years Special

Nas Campanella looks at the successes and failures of the NDIS.  Hear from those with lived experience of the scheme, plus Chair of the National Disabilities Insurance Agency Kurt Fearnley and NDIS Minister Bill Shorten. – Duration: 30 minutes

A decade on, the NDIS has had triumphs, challenges and controversies. Where to from here?

The idea for such a scheme existed since the Whitlam government in the 1970s, but only really gathered steam after Australia became one of the original state signatories to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, in 2007. Against an international backdrop of increasing personalisation of disability services, disability campaigners in Australia fought to have an individualised scheme implemented here.

What we have heard report

s from individuals and organisations who have already submitted feedback to the Review. Part A draws out the five most challenging and important issues given the Terms of Reference from Ministers and your feedback. Part B provides more detail on 10 areas identified for improvement.

‘Deeply unfair’: Godfather of the NDIS calls for major reform

When the NDIS was legislated 10 years ago, it was a world-leading reform, but cost blowouts and questions about its design and administration have plagued the scheme. Now, an ongoing review has identified 5 key areas of concern, with co-chair of the review and the godfather of the scheme, Bruce Bonyhady saying the scheme can’t operate in isolation.

Have your say on the NDIS Independent Review

Closing date: August 25, 2023

Many of you have shared your experiences in the NDIS already as part of the independent review process.  The ‘What we have heard’ report outlines the feedback received so far.  It identifies 5 challenging and important issues that the Review Committee need your help with to find solutions for.  Questions have been included for each area and you are invited to answer the questions which are most important to you.