NDIS algorithms and King Henry VIII powers

What exploded was not a fight about ‘reform’. You see, the disability community desperately wants reform: after all, it was from the community that the NDIS was created. But reform is needed because the NDIS has been either accidentally or intentionally steered away from its intended purpose.  And the community might just know a thing or two about exactly where that reform is needed.

Disability Research Collection

Research reports contained in the collection were produced between 2012 and 2021 with the aim of sharing evidence and knowledge on a range of topics to help advance the rights of people with disability. Designed to improve policies and practices, this Collection is for people with disability, their family, caregivers, allies or supporters, disabled people’s organisations, policymakers, researchers, advocacy organisations, service providers and practitioners.

“Stop independent assessments” Kevin’s passionate speech on the NDIS

The statement was made at the end of VALID’s two-day online conference, We Won’t Be Beaten, where people with intellectual disabilities and their families shared their fear and anger about the plans to overhaul the Scheme. “We will not be bullied or bought off. People with disabilities and their families will come together across the country and we will fight you.”

Independent Assessments: The developments you can’t miss

The practical details of how the IA program would be implemented are still shrouded in a heavy fog of mystery. Making matters even more confusing, the NDIA itself appears to still be figuring out technicalities. However, every day we learn just a little bit more about what the Agency has planned. Recently, the hottest source of IA-related goss has been none other than Australia’s very own Parliament House.

NDIS releases detail on changes to planning

On Thursday, June 3, the NDIA released a technical paper on Personalised Budgets, the Agency’s new term for NDIS plans, which have a whole new planning process behind them. The term has been dropped into NDIA communications since late last year, but there has been a notable lack of information about what Personalised Budgets are and how they might inform a plan.

As a mother, senator challenges NDIS reforms

Senator Hughes, who established the Country Autism Network, told the Parliament she was a “huge believer” in the National Disability Insurance Scheme, but warned there was “a lot more work to be done to make it truly fit for purpose”. Two years later, Senator Hughes is fighting her own party’s controversial plan to introduce independent assessments to determine eligibility and funding for the scheme.

NDIS changes: The devil is in the detail

It was revealed that the results from the series of diagnostic tools used in independent assessments would allocate a ‘score’ to participants who would then be matched to some 400 ‘personas’. Each persona would be developed utilising a complex matrix of information including gender, age and postcode. The persona that a participant matched would determine their funding and supports. This is a massive movement away from a model where plans were specifically developed for participants based on what was reasonable and necessary for them, as individuals with unique goals and needs.

I am not a number: Do NDIS reforms put people into boxes?

“The new proposal seeks to take 500,000 people and divide them up into … personas or types or disability boxes to feed a score into one of 400 boxes. That then gives a plan to somebody without any real reference to what my individual needs are, or what somebody else’s individual needs are. That doesn’t make sense. It takes us back to the old system, in which … the funder says: Here’s what we provide, we’re going to fit you into whatever we offer, rather than the other way around.”

Senate probe into disability pension rate

The adequacy of the disability pension will be put under the microscope thanks to the Greens.  A Senate committee will look at the purpose, intent and adequacy of the Disability Support Pension, with the expectation of reporting back by the end of November.

Advocates perplexed over government’s independent assessments plan

Disability advocates say they are confused by the federal government’s messaging around independent assessments, after National Disability Insurance Scheme Minister Linda Reynolds confirmed the controversial reform will proceed in “some form” despite widespread opposition.

Head of NDIS grilled on ‘insulting’ disability assessment questions, including about sex

Taleporos, who is one of 3,000 people who have taken part in an assessments trial, told the Drum last month he had “just met this person and they asked me about awhether I need support to have sex”.  Taleporos said the questions made him feel “quite ashamed” and “embarrassed”. The Labor MP Libby Coker raised the issue on Tuesday, saying the questions were “intrusive”.

‘Robo-planning a disgrace’: NDIS architect slams independent assessments

He said the assessments were not independent and should be called “robo-planning” because, like robo-debt, they applied a mathematical formula in ways it should never be used. “Robo-planning could be used to exclude participants, cap plans or change the NDIS eligibility criteria,” said Professor Bonyhady, who was the inaugural chair of the National Disability Insurance Agency from 2013 to 2016.