Proposed changes to the participant pathway explained

Recommendation 3 of the NDIS Review’s Final Report, along with its 9 action points, proposes a comprehensive re-design of the entire NDIS participant pathway. So, you know, just the small stuff. The ‘participant pathway’ is the term used to describe a person’s journey through the NDIS – from learning about the Scheme, to applying, planning, … Continued

NDIS Review Urges Changes to Improve Participant Experience

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Review Final Report proposes a major shake-up of the participant pathway and experience. Accessing the NDIS, plan budgeting and implementation, and the roles the NDIS workforce will play are set to change.

What has the NDIS Review said about home and living supports?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides a critical way for people with disability to access housing and living supports. The NDIS Review Final Report has made two recommendations to reform current housing and living support, with a stated aim of improving access for all people with disability.

Your Guide to the NDIS Review: Experts Have Their Say

On this episode of Reasonable & Necessary, Dr George brings together Australia’s leading disability advocates to unpack the NDIS Review. Dr George, along with El Gibbs, Nick Avery, Jarrod Sandell-Hay and Sam Paior will guide you through all the big changes that are proposed, and what they might mean for you.

NDIS change must be led by people with disability – Joint media statement

Today, the Independent Review into the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS Review) published its Final Report: Working together to deliver the NDIS Disability Representative Organisations issued a Joint Media Statement, endorsed by over 70 organisations across Australia.

Working together to deliver the NDIS

To support the final report NDIS Review have created a guide for people with disability and their families, which provides information on the topics that they understand matter most to you. In addition to this, there is supporting analysis provides detailed working information and evidence that informed the final report. They have also created fact … Continued

Breaking: Summary of the NDIS Review’s major recommendations

At long last! The Final Report of the NDIS Review has been publicly released. If you’ve clicked on this article, you probably don’t need to be told this is a big deal. But hell, let’s say it anyway, loudly for those at the back: this is a big, big deal. Some of the changes proposed … Continued

Is media scrutiny good news?

As the old saying goes, no news is good news. But, one of the benefits of the NDIS has been that it pushed issues relating to people with disabilities into the mainstream media discussion.