Out of Nowhere: a New NDIS Access Request Form

Nice try, NDIA.  Just when you thought we were distracted, you slipped a new NDIS Access Request Form (ARF) onto the NDaIS website. However, it’s hard to go unnoticed when you’re 28 pages and very purple. 

Updated NDIS Operational Guidelines

Operational Guidelines are based on the NDIS Legislation and Rules. They explain what is considered, and how decisions are made based on the legislation. The new guidelines are written in plain English to make it clearer and easier to understand NDIS processes in a more logical way. The new sets of guidelines include ‘How NDIS supports work’, ‘Supports you can access’ and ‘Your plan’.

Fears are justified, says PWDA President

I spoke not in my capacity as President of People with Disability Australia, nor as a board member on any of the other boards that I sit on. I spoke as a disabled woman and a carer who, like many of us, has spent a lifetime battling disability and mainstream services and systems.

Turbulence ahead for NDIS amid proposed changes

The latest documents, released under freedom of information laws, show that NDIA officials inserted an entire chapter into the latest review of the scheme legislation. That chapter recommended the introduction of independent assessments for everyone who is a part of the scheme, a change likely to take place by the end of the year.

‘Robo-planning’ will ‘blow-up’ NDIS: key architect

“With no transparency, robo-planning could be used to exclude participants, cut plans, or change the NDIS eligibility criteria. And the NDIA would not be able to be held to account for such actions. The fact that robo-planning has reached the current stage of implementation is a disgrace. It should have been stopped long before now.”

Why is the Coalition changing the NDIS?

In 2013 the Gillard government brought in the national disability insurance scheme, but now the Coalition government is working on an overhaul. Luke Henriques-Gomes explains how the changes could prioritise cost-cutting rather than the needs of vulnerable people

‘Robo-planning a disgrace’: NDIS architect slams independent assessments

He said the assessments were not independent and should be called “robo-planning” because, like robo-debt, they applied a mathematical formula in ways it should never be used. “Robo-planning could be used to exclude participants, cap plans or change the NDIS eligibility criteria,” said Professor Bonyhady, who was the inaugural chair of the National Disability Insurance Agency from 2013 to 2016.