NDIS uses secret tool to calculate children’s therapy funding

An insider who spoke on the condition of anonymity out of concern for their livelihood said NDIA staff have been directed to use an internal practice guide for determining how many hours of therapy children need. But they’ve also been directed not to speak publicly about the guide.

The NDIS was a beacon of hope, now it’s this ‘dark, complex thing’

What happened then was incredible. I spent longer talking to the lawyer, the NDIS’s lawyer, the lawyer I was opposing in the tribunal, about my daughter’s needs than I have ever spoken to anyone employed by or working for the NDIS, about her needs.  That is, or should be, a damning statement.

Expect a call: Plan reviews

The NDIA has introduced a new plan review process. Instead of each participant attending a scheduled plan review when their plan is due to end, they will now receive a phone call to participate in what the NDIA calls a Participant Check-In. During this call, the NDIA representative will discuss the participant’s well-being and see if their supports are meeting their needs.

NDIA needs to better support workers

The CPSU has been contacted by many NDIA employees with disability, who have experienced a lack of support and reasonable adjustment from the agency to allow them to perform their work.

What to do about the NDIS?

Both sides of politics remain fully committed to the scheme, publicly, amid fears of another “mediscare”-like campaign. The scheme’s participants and the large diaspora of carers and their families are a potent political force and have been rallying to ensure the scheme remains supported.

National Disability Insurance Agency accused of discriminating against employees with disability

Kerriene Minjoot never felt like her blindness was a barrier to her succeeding at work, until she joined the very government agency tasked with improving the lives of Australians with disabilities.  “I did not expect to go into working at the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) and ending up feeling more disabled than I ever have before,” she said.

Hundreds answer call to defend NDIS

“It’s been so difficult historically for people with disability and families to get heard and be treated like their concerns are worthy and important enough to consider”

When Govt took a wrecking ball to the NDIS operating model

Functions which were to be conducted by staff with delegations could not be outsourced: delegation for decision making remained within the agency. Processes as well as functions needed to be broken up. Outsourced functions would be information gatherers and information givers, ruled by KPIs. These KPIs would become problematic.