County Court Intermediary Pilot Program

Her Honour Judge Meryl Sexton has been leading the County Court’s contribution to the new Intermediary Pilot Program, regularly meeting with representatives from the Supreme Court, Magistrates’ Court, Children’s Court, the Department of Justice and Regulation and other stakeholders . The Intermediary Pilot Program was funded in the 2017-18 State Budget and is being managed … Continued

Background Briefing: When carers kill

One person with disabilities is killed by their carer almost every three months in Australia, but these acts of domestic violence are often excused by the media and judiciary. The focus is too often on the killer. Here, we recognise the victims.

‘He was returned to prison’: Detainees fall prey to NDIS process

The ACT Human Rights Commission says a man whose application for the NDIS was lodged more than a year before his release from prison ultimately returned to jail after the relevant agency failed to process his claim and left him in the community without the necessary supports.

Sunsuper faces legal action over alleged ‘improper’ payments for disability benefits

The former fruit picker and cleaner, who was injured at work in July 2016, is locked in a fight with Sunsuper, one of Australia’s largest superannuation funds. She has accused them of failing to properly pay out her permanent disability claim, and compensation lawyers say she is one of many being put under severe financial stress by the organisation.

Royal Commission needed to look at abuse of disabled

In NSW there were 1087 cases of assaults on people living with disability in group accommodation reported to the state ombudsman since 2014. Children with disability are at least three times more likely to experience abuse than other children. Frighteningly, over 90% of women with an intellectual disability have been victims of sexual assault. We have not done enough to combat the discrimination that many of these people face when their claims are finally heard in our judicial system.

More opportunities needed for lawyers with disabilities

Many Australians living with disabilities are still treated as second-class citizens, and the legal profession needs to do better in its facilitation of opportunities for those people to not only participate, but also flourish, according to the nation’s leading disability discrimination advocate.

Petition: Independent investigation of complaints against police

Closing date: July 31, 2018

The IBACC report issued to Victorian Parliment in 2017 in relation to an Independent Investigation of Complaints against Police, has identified the failure of the current system and abuse of power by Victoria Police. It also has made many policy change recommendations and an overhaul of the current system.

Sickening footage of police beating disability pensioner sparks outrage

Board member of Disability Advocacy Australia Julie Phillips said there needed to be a significant change in approach to dealing with people who suffer from a disability.

“It’s outrageous that these sorts of things continue to happen in Victoria and Australia where the symptoms of people with disability which are due to autism or mental illness are being interpreted as people being deliberately obstructive,” she added.