Melbourne woman with cerebral palsy fights to stay in her home after NDIS funding cut

In May last year Samar Bain, 33, moved into a new apartment provided by the NDIS’s specialist disability accommodation (SDA) program. The home, in Heidelberg in Melbourne’s north-east, gives her the freedom and independence she has long desired.  But changes to her NDIS plan mean she faces being forced to move back into shared accommodation.

An innovative way to do SIL

In particular, we want to discuss ways to increase the power that people with disability have over their homes and over their lives, so that decisions about creating the home sit in the hands of the people living in it.

AAT approve SDA: Second bedroom for single resident

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) has gone through a period of significant change, particularly as to testing a participant’s eligibility. More participants are going through an already rigorous process, only for the Agency to add further scrutiny.

Specialist disability housing pipeline grows – for now

A lack of market information allowing developers and operators to anticipate the types of housing that is needed and where it is needed was one reason that only just over half of all eligible participants were receiving SDA payments, said Summer Foundation general manager Alecia Rathbone, who oversaw the report.

SDA Quarterly Report

This report complements regularly released NDIA quarterly reports and the recently published SDA Market Information Statement, SDA Finder and SDA demand data. It features observations into publically available NDIA data and introduces new SDA participant cohort characteristic data. The report shares data and insights into changes in SDA supply and the SDA-eligible participant cohort over time.

Ugly turf war as service providers tussle over NDIS clients with disabilities

Some of Victoria’s most marginalised citizens are being caught up in an ugly turf war between rival groups of disability accommodation and support businesses that are competing for the right to access their lucrative funding packages under the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Renters Rights Rundown: Victoria’s new renting rules

James Latham from Department of Justice and Community Safety is joined by Bronwyn Trickett, an Advocate from Action for More Independence and Dignity in Accommodation (AMIDA), and together they provide an overview of the more than 130 changes to Victoria’s renting rules which came into effect on 29 March 2021. The changes apply to all types of tenancies, including private rentals, caravans, residential parks, rooming houses and specialist disability accommodation.

Accessibility becomes the new standard

From September 2022, new homes in Australia will include accessible design features, after a meeting on 30 April saw building ministers decide to include minimum accessibility standards in the National Construction Code (NCC). After years of advocacy from seniors, people with disabilities, and advocacy groups, this is a landmark decision that will improve housing accessibility in Australia for decades to come.