Rapid antigen test distribution to high-risk residential disability care settings

The Australian Government has commenced distributing 1.2 million rapid antigen tests to high risk residential disability care settings, with five million test kits to be delivered by June this year.  “Initial deliveries are being distributed to SIL providers with three or more participants while work is underway to identify the best distribution points for smaller providers,” Minister Reynolds said.

New national disability strategy unveiled

The release of Australia’s new national disability strategy has been warmly welcomed by disability advocates, who say the plan is truly representative of the voices of people with disability.

NDIS Act amendments tabled

The tabled version is a level up from the consultation drafts. While senators can still suggest changes and ultimately decide to accept or reject the bill, if the government gets its way, this is the version that will become law.

Legislation improving NDIS for participants

This week the Morrison Government introduced legislation to improve the experiences of participants, their families and carers of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The NDIS Amendment (Participant Service Guarantee and Other Matters) Bill 2021 implements recommendations of the 2019 Tune Review, which was underpinned by extensive stakeholder and participant consultation.

Disabled people urged to provide evidence for UN on government’s record on rights

A partnership of DPOs from across England are leading work to collect evidence from disabled people and their organisations on how the UK government has met its obligations under the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (PDF). That evidence is likely to include repeated and continuing breaches of many of the convention rights, including rights to independent living, to accessibility, to education, to an adequate standard of living, to participation in public and political life, to work, to health, and to life.

Royal Commission explores Quality and Safeguards

Safeguards and quality services are key areas of inquiry for the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation (Royal Commission). Whilst the full report is not due to be handed down until September 2023, there are plenty of updates, reports, and transcripts published on the Royal Commission’s website that provide insight into the critical issues in focus.

Analysis: Draft NDIS Act

The draft legislation of the new NDIS Act is finally here, marking the beginning of the end of what has been an anxious and emotional journey for the disability community. The Act was dropped last Thursday by the Department of Social Services (DSS) for a period of public feedback. Additionally, they have introduced new Rules.

Inaugural NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commissioner Graeme Head to step down at end of term

Mr Head brought his wealth of experience in policy, public administration and regulation across federal and state government to establish and lead the NDIS Commission through a critical phase of its establishment. During his tenure, Mr Head oversaw the delivery of a significantly more comprehensive and different approach to the regulation of disability supports and services.

Guaranteeing access to essential supports and services

The Morrison Government is continuing to guarantee vital supports and services for Australians by investing in the world-leading National Disability Insurance Scheme, the care and support workforce and myGov, as part of our plan to secure Australia’s recovery.

What People with Disability Want from Federal Budget

The disabled people’s organisation is calling for a raft of measures to be urgently funded and implemented to meet Australia’s responsibilities under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability.

A New National Disability Strategy: Stage 2 Consultation Reports

The Stage 2 consultations sought feedback from the public on the governments’ proposals for the new National Disability Strategy. There are 3 Stage 2 consultation reports which are available in a variety of accessible formats including Auslan, Easy Read, Braille and language translations. The Australian Government, along with state and territory governments and the Australian Local Government Association, is using the results of the consultations to inform development of the new National Disability Strategy for release in the second half of 2021.