Four things students with vision impairment want you (their teachers and friends) to know

Schools are set up for students who can see. But around 3,000 school-aged children in Australia have a vision impairment – 300 of these have a severe vision impairment or are blind. These children are generally educated in mainstream schools, sometimes with little support for their needs.

The authors interviewed 15 students aged 7-14 with a vision impairment attending state, Catholic, and independent schools. They also interviewed their parents and teachers.

Online Education Is Necessary for Disability Equality

While many Australian universities offer onsite support for students with disabilities, more needs to be done to ensure all Australians have access to higher education.

One of the best ways to do this is to readily offer accessible online education.

Australian Labour announces policies for inclusive education for students with disabilities

The ALP’s announcement also includes broader commitment to systemic reform through the development of a National Inclusive Education Strategy in collaboration with the States and Territories to meet Australia’s obligations under the United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities and the Convention on the Rights of the Child:

Studying in Australia as a Disabled Student

This online guide will help you define what specific needs you will submit to the disability support service running at your university and will help them effectively meet your disability-related demands. The range of services that disabled students need is wide and often specific to an individual, and sometimes unintentionally universities’ disability support services may … Continued

Inclusive education experts welcome disability pledges

Experts on inclusive education have welcomed news of bilateral support for a Royal Commission into abuse of people with disabilities, and suggest Labor’s pledge of an additional $300 million over four years to support students with disabilities in Australian schools would be best spent on building teacher knowledge of inclusive practices.

Petition: School transparency stops discrimination against the rights of our special needs children

Closing date: June 30, 2019

Call to redress some of the discrimination against children with special needs in our Victorian Schools.  It truly is horror story after horror story! The message of the hidden curriculum is that the special needs child has no value, that parents have nothing to offer to the formal education of their child, and that a home/school partnership is not valued. 

Alternative Entry Scheme / Pathway for Aspiring Medical Students with Disabilities

Closing date: February 28, 2019

Jerusha Mather is an enduring voice of equality for disabled students seeking access into courses where they are grossly underrepresented. Help Jerusha by signing her petition. Stand up for justice and equality and make a mark today by saying yes to increasing access and inclusion in Australian medical schools.

Disabled children face barriers each day

While they do not need separate or special education, they require a more flexible education system, adviser for basic education, child rights and social inclusion Els Heijnen said.

Supporting You – Supporting Students

This clearing house facilitate successful outcomes and improved educational experience for students with disability by  providing information, advice and resources to disability practitioners, academics, teachers and students on inclusive practices within the post-secondary education sector.

Concerns raised after girl with autism placed in cardboard ‘box’ enclosure in classroom

Ms Desmond said the school needed to be held to account for inappropriate decisions, but the buck stopped with Education Minister Jeremy Rockliff. “Parents are fighting day after day, year after year, to get appropriate adjustments,” she said. “It’s about time that schools that aren’t providing appropriate adjustments are held to account. and it’s about time the Department was held to account to ensure experiences like this don’t happen.”

Disabled teens suffering the mental health effects of bullying

If we could stop the high levels of bullying that adolescents with a disability experience, we could make a big difference to their health, learning and wellbeing. So school anti-bullying programs need to acknowledge the link between having a disability, being bullied and poorer mental health.