New resources to strengthen inclusion in early childhood education and care

The Government is focused on building the capability of families and carers of children with disability or developmental concerns in early childhood and education and care settings through new resources aimed at boosting inclusivity and building staff and educator capacity. Delivering on the Government’s commitments under Australia’s Disability Strategy 2021-2031 Early Childhood Targeted Action Plan, … Continued

Save teachers’ jobs!

Closing date: November 11, 2023

Visiting Teachers are highly trained experts who work directly with students with disability and complex needs. They support students who are vision and hearing impaired, have physical disabilities, autism, and health impairments. Premier Daniel Andrews and Education Minister Natalie Hutchins are considering sacking some of the most expert teachers in Victoria. Add your name to the petition and tell the Premier and Education Minister to reverse this decision immediately.

Diverse Learners Hub

The Hub is an online resource that provides information, tools and guidance on diverse learning, including:
– understanding autism and how schools support autistic students
– understanding the different types of learning difficulties
– how learning difficulties can affect a child’s and young person’s learning
– evidence-based resources, tools, and guidance on learning diversity
– professional learning and teaching resources for school staff.

Getting started at child care and kindergarten

Child care and kindergarten give your child the chance to learn, play, make friends, and have fun. This guide will help you to know hat to look for in an inclusive child care centre and kindergarten, and how to get support, such as staff training, specialist equipment, and extra educators

It’s the socially created barriers that disable students, not the conditions they live with

The ways educators orientate to disability is crucial to how they ensure students are not excluded from any aspect of educational participation because of the conditions they live with. An educator’s orientation to disability is also just as important when they are designing and delivering inclusive curriculum. Unfortunately, still too many students with disabilities receive inequitable schooling opportunities in Australia.

Dylan Alcott says he missed out on childhood friends. With support, disabled kids today can have a better shot socially

School is a crucial place to think about friendships for kids with disabilities because, as research confirms, it’s a space where all kids learn to make and maintain friendships. Some studies imply that schooling plays an even more important social role for students with a disability than for typically developing kids – with non-disabled students modelling appropriate behaviours.