Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority is currently seeking board members.

Closing date: February 23, 2024

The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) is a statutory authority serving both government and Non-Government education institutions. The VCAA is responsible for providing high quality curriculum, assessment and reporting for early years and school-aged children to senior secondary. As part of its functions the VCAA: develops policies, criteria and standards for learning, development and … Continued

A positive start to school

The new school year is about to start, and you may have questions and concerns about how best to support your child and work with the school. For support and advice, call the ACD Support Line today. It’s a free telephone advocacy service for all Victorian families raising children with developmental delay and disability from birth to 18.

Tasmania has just four support schools. What would their closure mean for students with disabilities?

Felix Waiss doesn’t speak, but he’s learning to communicate in his own way. By pushing icons on a device, the non-verbal four-year-old is figuring out how to formulate sentences and express what he has to say. Next year, Felix will start kindergarten at Tasmania’s Northern Support School, where all staff are trained in using augmentative and alternative … Continued

ACD 2024 Victorian State Budget submission

Association for Children with a Disability has prepared a 2024 Victorian State Budget submission that highlights key areas of funding for children with disability and their families. You can read ther state budget submission

Social Futures disability advocates encourage school students to embrace all abilities

A pair of disability advocates with very different lived experiences are helping young people be more accepting, one school at a time. Scott Jones and Maree Jenner, who work with NDIS partnering organisation Social Futures, have been running disability inclusion programs at regional primary schools for more than two years.

Why closing special schools is such a complex topic important to so many families

When Maree MacDermid drives her son Joseph to school in the morning, it’s “like dropping him off to family”. “Every staff member in this school knows Joseph. They know how he communicates. They know his challenges,” she said. Joseph, 16, lives with severe intellectual disability, hearing and vision impairment, and has attended St Lucy’s special … Continued

The argument for and against phasing out special schools

It’s a week since the Disability Royal Commission handed down it’s report and debate is still raging over one of the recommendations… to phase out special schools. The commission was split on the decision, and it appears that many Australian families living with disability are too. So what are the arguments for and against? And … Continued

New free eLearning module and translated posters added to ‘Inclusion is Everyone’s Business’ toolkit

We’re pleased to announce two new resource additions to the free ‘Inclusion is Everyone’s Business Toolkit’. The toolkit has been developed for businesses and community organisations who provide programs and activities for children to build the knowledge and confidence so children with disabilities and developmental delay can experience inclusive and meaningful participation in their areas … Continued