Silenced by the state

Uli had no idea that it was a criminal offence to out himself, just as it is for more than 46,000 people around the country who have their finances controlled by the state because they’re deemed to lack capacity due to dementia, mental illness, brain injuries and intellectual disabilities.

Waking up with a Disability

But none tried to pose the reality before me bravely and empower me for the future. Even the doctors in my family failed to predict the complications, difficulties and challenges ensuing from this accident. The most difficult part I feel is identifying oneself as disabled and shifting your habits, ways and lifestyle from pre-disability to the post life.

Human Rights Interviews

Lisa, who lives with an acquired brain injury, is passionate about protecting the human rights of people with disability.  In this series of interviews, Lisa seeks to explore how various organisations that provide services to people with disability view human rights, and what they are doing to promote the human rights of people with disability.

Speak My Language (Disability)

This resource involves hundreds of people from culturally diverse communities talking about living well with a disability in 24 languages.  The power of storytelling is harnessed through podcast and radio to share the personal experiences, skills and talents of people living with a disability.  Many stories focus on the power of advocacy, peer support and education about legal rights.  You’ll also find Interviews with guest speakers who share information about inclusive places, activities and opportunities that all Australians can enjoy.

Deaf Australians and those with disabilities push to end exclusion from juries

While many Australians go to great lengths to avoid serving on a jury, Brent Phillips has spent nearly a decade fighting for his right to take part in his civic duty. In 2014, he was selected for jury duty in his home state of Victoria. “I was quite excited to be honest, I have a legal background, and I have qualifications in criminology,” he said. But once the courts found out Mr Phillips was deaf he was excluded from service, even though he wanted to participate.

NDIS mark-ups for people with a disability as bad as wedding price gouging, insiders say

Some participants say they are being charged double or even triple the price of services compared to those not on the scheme, for the exact same treatment or product.  “I was really disappointed, I had a physio that was wonderful but when I got on the NDIS, he told me that he was no longer going to charge me the regular rate that he was charging everyone else, including my own partner who saw him,” she said.

Toolkit: Inclusion is Everyone’s Business

This toolkit provides practical tips and resources that are easy to use.  They are designed to build the knowledge and confidence of teams working within any service or program for children so that children with disabilities and developmental delay can experience inclusive and meaningful participation in their areas of interest.  You’ll also find real-life stories of genuine inclusion experienced by children and their families as part of the toolkit.  

Motivated to remove barriers

Cody Jones uses his lived experience to help other people with disability, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, to overcome the barriers they face. 

Activist Judy Heumann led a reimagining of what it means to be disabled

“Disability only becomes a tragedy when society fails to provide the things we need to lead our lives — job opportunities or barrier-free buildings, for example,” she said. “It is not a tragedy to me that I’m living in a wheelchair.” That reimagining of what it means to be disabled did gain traction over the years — the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act just three years later in 1990 was a milestone — thanks to leaders like Heumann, who died suddenly on Saturday at age 75 at a hospital in Washington, D.C.

Meet Daniel

We first met Daniel almost a decade ago, when he lived in a nursing home. Last year, Daniel moved into his own SDA apartment.