Disability advocates say we need Assistive Technology for All

Millions of older Australians with disability who are not eligible for the National Disability Insurance Scheme are struggling to access vital assistive technology such as wheelchairs and ramps, prompting advocates to call for a national program.

Online Safety Academy

This free interactive learning resource helps people with intellectual disability stay safe online. It includes 4 online learning modules that have been designed with accessibility in mind and includes animation, video content and text to speech activities. You will learn all about cyberbullying, including what it is and how to identify it to protect yourself online, what a scam is and how you can avoid them and what information you can safely share online.

Govt spending $250,000 each month on NDIS app

Questions have also been raised over the need for the My NDIS app, which will provide in an app what is currently available to NDIS participants through the web browser, with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) unable to say how many, if any, people asked for the service.

How Blind Users Experience Instagram

While marketers and content creators routinely debate and swap advice on if, when and how to use these practices, a disabled person can’t choose if, when and how to be disabled. For them, digital accessibility is a full time, lived experience.

Tech company changing the lives of people with disability

New technology is helping people living with severe disabilities to communicate and take back some control of their lives by using their thoughts and neural signs via computers. Former CNN news anchor Peter Ford, through his inspiration with Stephen Hawking and his fascination with coding, founded the company Control Bionics, giving control back to and opening up communication to hundreds of people. And they want to help more.

Making better disability tech

Whether permanent, temporary or as result of age, millions of Australians will experience a form of disability. How do we make tech more inclusive? Meet some of the innovators with lived experience of disability driving tech innovation in Australia.

Commonwealth Ombudsman says National Disability Insurance Agency needs significant change if it is to stop delays

The report, released this week by Ombudsman Michael Manthorpe, focuses on the agency’s handling of requests for assistive technologies and is part of several reviews by the Ombudsman into the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Since the NDIS was rolled out in 2013, the number of complaints about the agency received by the Commonwealth Ombudsman has increased each year.

NDIS claims tender: Will government back local tech?

A group of local fintechs is preparing to line-up against global technology giants and big banks in a beauty parade for the federal government’s new digital claims and payments system for the $20 billion-plus National Disability Insurance Scheme.

NDIS to move to real-time claims, support payments

The National Disability Insurance Agency is preparing to develop a solution that will bring real-time claims lodgement and payments to the National Disability Insurance Scheme for the first time.

Bushfire support comes for people with disability

An Australian charity has launched a bushfire relief website to help people with disability get much-needed equipment during times of crisis. IDEAS’ eBility Bushfire Relief website aims to provide essential resources for Australians with disability who are starting to recover from the bushfires, especially in areas where NDIS support is not available.