Building Innovative Accommodation for People with Disability

Twenty-one organisations across Australia will share $60 million to help build community-based accommodation for adults with severe or profound disability. The Supported Accommodation Innovation Fund will help address a shortfall in supported accommodation and respite for people with disability. It will encourage innovation and drive change in the way supported accommodation services are provided. Negotiations … Continued

Australian Government defies United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

The Australian Federation of Disability Organisations and the National Council on Intellectual Disability is appalled that the Australian Government has announced funding to organisations under the Supported Accommodation Innovation Fund that clearly not only breach Australia’s obligations under the UNCRPD but are against the tender specifications for the program. Yesterday the Australian government announced funding … Continued

Victoria Secures New Disability Accommodation

More than 50 new accommodation places for people with disabilities have been secured through a funding commitment of more than $30 million from the Victorian Coalition and Commonwealth governments, Community Services Minister Mary Wooldridge said today. The allocation of more than $14 million from the Victorian Coalition Government and $17 million from the Commonwealth’s Supported Accommodation … Continued

Violence Against Women with Disabilities

Women with disabilities experience violence at a higher rate, for longer periods, and are less likely to report the abuse, than women without disabilities (Healey, 2008). Tricia Malowney, Chair of Women with Disabilities Victoria, and Ariane Garner-Williams, youth and women with disabilities advocate, talk about some of the issues that arise for this doubly disadvantaged … Continued

Nursing Home Out of Reach for Diabetes Sufferer

Working for country newspapers and radio stations, Leigh Dickinson travelled hundreds of kilometres in various jobs. But since he suffered a diabetic coma two years ago, his horizons have shrunk to a hospital ward. Brain damage has burnt through his memories and speech; his eyesight is failing as his blood sugar still soars and plummets … Continued

Disability Advocate Wants Law Overhaul

Violence is ”scarily common” in residential accommodation for people with disabilities and is systemically accepted, according to a disability advocacy group. In a submission to the ACT government, Advocacy for Inclusion has called for an overhaul of domestic violence laws to provide greater security for people with disabilities, including those living in disability group homes … Continued

Horizon Newsletter

Horizon is a quarterly newsletter published by the Scope Media and Communications Team. It includes stories about people that Scope supports, Scope staff, the disability sector, messages from the CEO and Board, upcoming events and more. It is available in print or CD versions. For  more information on how to subscribe, view archive editions or … Continued

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This is a monthly e-newsletter.  It  includes stories about Scope clients, campaigns, staff, upcoming events and more. It is designed to keep you up dated with what’s happening around Scope. SCOPE is one of the largest providers of services to people with a disability in Victoria, and one of the largest not-for-profit organisations in Australia. … Continued