Building Ministers Communique

The Building Ministers agreed to mandate the Livable Housing Design Silver Level as a standard for all new housing in the National Construction Code. The Gold Standard will also be included in the NCC as a ‘technical referral’ meaning states and territories can decide to upgrade to Gold voluntarily. Whilst there is still work to do to secure a mandatory Gold Standard, this is a big win for people with disability, seniors and indeed all Australians.

Adaptable housing for people with disability in Australia: a scoping study (2021)

In Australia, 4.4 million people live with disability, and 96% of people with disability live in private homes. Many existing homes are inaccessible and finding appropriate housing remains a challenge for many Australians with disability. Improving housing accessibility can and should be achieved in two ways: by ensuring that new homes are constructed to meet minimum accessibility requirements; and by modification or adaptation of existing homes, which is the focus of this report.

Time to future proof Australian housing

Given our ageing population, the number of Australians with mobility issues is expected to almost double from 3 million to nearly 6 million within 40 years. In about a month’s time Australia’s building ministers will meet to consider the inclusion of minimum accessibility standards in the National Construction Code (NCC). This will be a critical decision for the millions of Australians with mobility impairments who cannot get access to housing that meets their needs.

Specialist Disability Accommodation – Supply in Australia

This report provides an update on the growth of Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) across Australia and shares insights into current market sentiment. The data in this report results from a survey of SDA providers in October and November 2020. This is the third annual report of its type. Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) is housing that … Continued

Specialist disability accommodation – Pipeline of supply

People with high or complex disability support needs have traditionally had extremely limited options when it comes to finding somewhere to live. The growing specialist disability accommodation market is beginning to change that.

NDIS yet to solve disability accommodation shortage for Victorians

For many Victorians with disability, the right to choose where they live and who they live with is so constrained that they are left feeling unsafe and fearful in their own homes, according to a report tabled in the State’s Parliament earlier this month.

Emerging disability housing market meeting appetite for impact investment at scale

When fully rolled out, SDA payments are expected to total approximately $700 million per year. Building the scale of housing required for the SDA market has the potential to stimulate around $5 billion in private sector investment. Using SDA payments to leverage private capital has enormous potential to transform disability housing in Australia.

Community Visitors Annual Report 2019-2020

The report identifies a range of issues critical to the safety, treatment, care and human rights of Victoria’s most vulnerable citizens who, due to their disabilities, require 24-hour care in state- regulated or managed services. These issues include continuing abuse, assaults and violence, particularly resident-on-resident and patient-on-patient, as well as concerning issues relating to Community Visitors being frustrated in their work with facilities, denied access to incident reports, vulnerable people still failing to access or benefit from the NDIS, insufficient accommodation for people with a mental illness and a failure of regulation in the SRS sector, resulting in the troubling neglect of residents.

NDIS yet to solve disability accommodation shortage

For many people with disability, the right to choose where they live and who they live with is so constrained that they are left feeling unsafe and fearful in their own homes [pp. 41-43], according to the Community Visitor Annual Report 2020 tabled in Parliament today.

Building Better Homes campaign

Closing date: February 28, 2021

Let’s get minimum accessibility standards included in our National Building Code and ensure the Code meets the needs of all Australians! The next few months will be critical in the fight for more accessible housing, with state Building Ministers due to meet early in 2021 to decide whether to change the Code. There are three ways you can help – signing the petition, write to the building Minister in your state and write to your local MP.

SDA data: Taking it to the next level

Stuart Robert, the Minister for the NDIS, today announced the release of new Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) data. This might not sound like big news, but for the SDA market it is actually very, very exciting! Like jump up and down exciting and dance on the spot exciting. You get the idea…