Perth low-sensory nightclubbing experience a hit for people with a disability

Consider a packed, dimly lit nightclub full of loud raucous conversations and music. It can cause sensory overload for neurodiverse people, prompting them to wonder if they should have stayed home because they find it incredibly difficult to acclimatise to an unaccommodating reality. It is far more difficult to meet new people and form friendships … Continued

Wheelchair kids are Weet-Bix kids: Normalising disability in advertising

Have you noticed any changes to television commercials for some of Australia’s best-known brands recently? The Weet-Bix kid, who dreams of scaling Everest, is in a wheelchair. The Bonds model is signing in Auslan. The ANZ employee who tells her colleague to stop speaking in a ridiculous voice is a bilateral above-knee amputee. And the … Continued

Women with Disabilities Victoria (WDV) Experts by Experience Advocates

The Women with Disabilities Victoria (WDV) Experts by Experience Advocates (Experts) are a group of 12 women with diverse experiences of disability. The Experts support the development of policies, products and services by sharing their lived experience expertise through consultations and co design sessions. The Experts meetings are held monthly on Thursdays, from 11:00am to … Continued

Help to shape more inclusive future in City of Casey

Would you like to make a difference in the community and ensure that the needs and concerns of people with disabilities, their families, and carers are addressed effectively? If the answer is yes, the City of Casey invites you to express your interest in joining its Disability Access and Inclusion Advisory Group.

Together: Building an Inclusive Youth Sector

Together: Building an Inclusive Youth Sector is an online resource that supports the Victorian youth sector and those who work with young people to be more accessible and inclusive of young disabled people. Together ensures that disabled young people have their human rights met and are able to access the same services and community activities … Continued

Disability Progress Is Real, But So Is Intense Ableism

Every July, during Disability Pride Month, disabled people and disability communities struggle with the same fundamental question. Are things really a lot better now for disabled people than they were 50 years ago? Or, is ableism just as bad now, or even worse than in the old days?

Beliefs About Disabilities May Predict COVID-19 Precautions

Key Points The social model states that society is the primary cause of disability, so it is a social responsibility. A new study finds that social model beliefs about disability were associated with more COVID-19 precautions. People with stronger social model beliefs were more concerned about disabled people contracting COVID-19.

3 Forms Of Gaslighting Disabled People Experience Most Often

2022’s Merriam-Webster Word Of The Year was “gaslighting.” It’s both an apt term for a set of real and serious experiences, and an overused word that threatens to trivialize those same experiences. Either way, “gaslighting” feels especially familiar to many people with disabilities. The word seems to name and give form to one of the most common, but hard … Continued

PhD scholarship in Disability, Diversity and Inclusion Studies

Closing date: October 31, 2023

The new Disability, Diversity and Inclusion Initiative in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Melbourne invites Expressions of Interest for a PhD. The Initiative aims to create and promote safe and socially just futures, where people with disability have access, are included and their diversity valued in all facets of social, political and … Continued