Arts House program supports Deaf and Disabled creatives

For the next five years, Arts House will fund artist fees, as well as access and production costs to support two residencies and presentations each year for Deaf, Disabled, neurodiverse and chronically ill artists, curators, collectives and their collaborating allies.  The inaugural residents are Catherine Dunn and Sam Martin, Leisa Prowd and Mishka.

With the right support, all schools can be ‘special’ and inclusive

If you asked me at the time, I would have gladly skipped school and played video games instead. And yet, I did learn. I learnt how to spell, write, to do maths, languages, chemistry and drama. More importantly, I learnt soft skills. I made friends, navigated social cliques, traded lunchbox snacks, was teased, teased others, took risks and learnt from them, avoided girls then later discovered they weren’t so bad after all.

Changing community attitudes to improve inclusion of people with disability

Researchers asked more than 60 people from business, government, community and advocacy organisations around Australia about how to change community attitudes and looked at past studies on changing attitudes and behaviour.  The research found that to create change there needs to be an ‘active presence of a diversity of people with disability across all life domains, including inclusive schooling, employment and communities’.

Accessible voting for Federal Election 2022

Closing date: May 21, 2022

The federal election will be held on 21 May 2022. It is compulsory for all eligible Australians to enrol and vote in federal elections. The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) provides assistance for people living with disability to ensure they are not disadvantaged from participating in the electoral system. The AEC can assist you to enrol, vote and help you find more information.

Why is supported decision making important?

The decision could be about a financial, health, legal, lifestyle, work related or other matter and the support is important because it gives people with disability choice and control over their lives.

My Story

Closing date: June 30, 2022

Like any community, people with disability have diverse views. They deal with issues like accessibility, discrimination, and exclusion on a daily basis. Today we’re going to bring you some of those unique perspectives – all stories told by people with lived experience. Meet six Australians who share their own personal stories of living with disability. 

The Woman Who Changed Disability Laws: Barbara Lisicki On New Drama Adaptation

She inspired a heroic revolution. In the 90s, Barbara Lisicki and her then partner Alan Holdsworth together organised brave, co-ordinated protests that pushed the campaign for disabled rights into the spotlight. They chained themselves to buses and they blocked streets. Wheelchair users were lifted from their chairs by police and laid down in the roads to try to deter them. And now, a new BBC drama will tell the story. Barbara is in the studio to talk about the behind the scenes events that inspired the show.