Training guide

Talks that matter

Talks That Matter is a unique online video strategy which harnesses the leadership of people with disability, families and allies who have challenged exclusionary practices.

National Pain Week 2020:  Featured resources about chronic pain

The resources provide information about what chronic pain is, the lived experience of people living with chronic pain, and  insight into what a day in their life is like. There is also information for people caring for family members or friends living with chronic pain and factsheets available to help people manage their chronic pain. Also featured is the ‘Faces of Pain’ video series.

Access and Inclusion Index

Looking for a practical, sustainable approach to inclusion of people with disability? Want to bring access and inclusion to life across your organisation? No matter where you are on the journey to disability confidence, the Index helps you gain insights into areas of strength and opportunity in your organisation, and gives you an understanding of your maturity across all areas of the business and a baseline on which to progress.

Family Violence Response for Women with Disabilities Guides

When working with a woman with disability who is experiencing violence, it is important to support her in a safe and culturally sensitive way. This resource outlines the best practice response to violence against women with disabilities and provides a list of services that can help.

Employer guide: Campaigns and awareness days for inclusion of people with disability at work

Campaigns and awareness days related to the inclusion of people with disability are used by many organisations to inspire understanding and engagement in the workplace. By linking back to your organisation’s wider goals and values, awareness days can help you promote a culture of inclusion and demonstrate your commitment to a workplace that is accessible, safe and supports everyone to reach their full potential.

Disability Support Toolkit

The Disability Support Toolkit has resources for front line workers supporting people with disability who have been impacted by violence and abuse. The Toolkit is a result of the Disability Pathways Project, which aimed to improve responses for people with disability who have been impacted by sexual assault, domestic and family violence.

Awesome support work starts with support worker training

There has never been a bigger need for engaging, easy to understand training for frontline workers that delivers practical, up to date, essential information and alignswith both the NDIS and the Quality and Safeguarding Framework This free online training suite uses best-practice online training methods and software and is anchored in the voices of people with disability

Home Coming: Framing housing policy for the future

Home is the foundation upon which society functions and yet Australia still does not have a mandated minimum standard of universal design for dwellings.  The course shows how housing fits into a broad policy context ; digs deep into the statistics to determine ‘need’; and assesses the current compliance context. Home Coming? provides a knowledge and evidence base to understand how housing contributes to economic, social and human rights outcomes in Australia and how a lack of mandated standards are affecting Australia’s productivity and prosperity.  

Learning at home during a time of crisis: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

This resource has been developed to help parents support their children while schools are pupil free or closed in these uncertain times.  This resource is to assist children and young people with disability and families to organise and plan for learning at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Best practice in disability advocacy – Course promo

This course is a foundation in how to provide best practice individual advocacy. You will learn how a person with disability works through advocacy issues with the assistance of advocates from a fictional disability advocacy organisation – All Areas Advocacy. Working through a series of real life scenarios you will get practical experience in applying the principles and skills of disability advocacy.

Supporting people to stay infection free online course

This early release module is part of a new online support worker training package that provides practical strategies for preventing and controlling infections. This 30 minute eLearning module is specifically designed for the Australian disability workforce and is aligned with the NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Framework. This module includes…

Disability Support Pension (DSP) pre-claim guide

This guide has been developed to  help you understand the rules for DSP and decide whether to make a claim. It won’t tell you if you’ll get DSP. This is not a claim for DSP. You will be directed to other payments if you do not meet eligibility criteria.

Creating a More Inclusive World: How to Test Products for Accessibility and Usability

“We’ve tested for usability — now we need to look at accessibility.” If you work in user research, you’ve probably heard statements like this. Researchers often go about testing for usability and accessibility as if they were separate things. We typically use one kind of framework to understand accessibility issues and another to understand usability issues.

AFI Supported Decision Making Podcast

This series of 10 episodes builds skills in supporting others in their decision-making. This kind of support is particularly important for people in our community whose decision-making has been ignored or undermined. We can help people reclaim their decision-making power through the support we offer.

Including children and young people in reportable conduct investigations

Whether they are alleged victims or witnesses, children should be interviewed as part of investigations of alleged reportable conduct unless there is a good reason why this should not occur.  This resource kit is designed to help organisations conduct effective and appropriate interviews with children and young people, and take a trauma-informed approach.