Research Projects

Accessing justice in rural and remote areas in Victoria: The experiences of workers from disability, advocacy and victim/survivor support services.

This study is looking at the factors that may impede access to the justice system for someone who has a disability, who is a victim/survivor of crime and who resides in a rural, regional or remote area in Victoria. If you work in a disability, advocacy or victim/survivor service, and have supported victim/survivor of crime … Continued

Understanding attendance at school for students with Autism

This study is looking to learn more about the experience of autistic young people who have difficulty regularly attending school (school refusal). The project will explore the experiences of young people and their families as well as the perspective of teachers supporting students on the autistic spectrum. The aim is to examine, through people’s experience, what interventions can and do help.

Information Gathering for Access and Planning (IGAP) survey

Participants, nominees and people who have previously applied to the NDIS are invited to provide feedback about your experiences gathering information for NDIS access and planning processes. The information you provide will be anonymous. Your support or funding will not be affected. You can ask someone you trust, like a family member, friend or support worker, to help you complete the survey. The survey will take around 20 minutes to complete. 

Inclusion and Diversity in the Outdoors survey

This survey seeks to gain a better understanding of current engagement and existing barriers to outdoor recreation activities experienced by people living with physical disabilities. Your feedback will be used in the development of a toolkit for Outdoor Education Providers, Tour Operators, Local communities and other organisations to help them offer more inclusive and universal outdoor recreational activities.

Improving railway station accessibility in Victoria: focus group expression of interest

final year research project wants to understand how railway accessibility information can be better communicated for people with disabilities. People with disability are invited to participate in a group interview held via Zoom at a date to be confirmed in August or September. The interview and discussions will run for approximately 1 hour. You will be asked questions about what access information you require to plan a rail journey and how you think this information can be best communicated. The researchers will also request participants to evaluate a ranking system proposal and give feedback on how suitable it is in addressing community needs.

There is no ‘use-by’ date on consent

Closing date: September 30, 2022

This survey is collecting feedback on The Charter of Sexual Rights in Residential Aged Care, developed as part of the #ReadyToListen Project. “To prevent sexual assault, older people and staff need a clear set of guidelines to help them identify when sexual activity becomes sexual assault,” said Dr Catherine Barrett, coordinator of the Ready to Listen project. Aged care service providers admitted they are having a lot of difficulty understanding where that line is. The charter outlines the rights and responsibilities of residents and staff with the aim of filling the gap.

Use of unregistered providers and independent contractors in the NDIS: experiences of choice, benefits and implications for participants and their support staff workers

This study will examine the experience in using unregistered providers and independent contractors from the perspective of people with disability/plan nominees who use these services. The aim is to understand NDIS participant choice making and the benefits and implications for both participants and their staff in utilising these services. You are invited to participate in this study if you are over the age of 18 an either plan manage or self manage your NDIS plan and purchase services from at least one unregistered provider or independent contractor. You will need to provide consent to participate in an 1 hour online or phone interview.

To register your interest in taking part in this research, contact Sophie Yates, Research Fellow at:
T: 0403 610 410