How disabled scam victims are turning the tide on scammers

Scams to people with a disability have risen by over 58 per cent in 2 years, according to data from Scamwatch. Now a TAC-funded program, co-designed by people with brain injuries, is seeking to provide safety training and psychological interventions for those at risk. CyberAbility project lead Dr Kare Gould told Trevor Chappell about the free … Continued

Autism the focus as government ponders disability funding

The National Disability Insurance Scheme has come under intense scrutiny in recent times, both for its cost and for how challenging some participants have found it to get support. Some of the debate has focused on the support needs of autistic people. But there’s concern they’re under particular pressure as the NDIS plans for its … Continued

NDIA chair Kurt Fearnley on ‘fundamental’ reform of the disability scheme

The federal government is trying to contain the exploding cost of the landmark National Disability Insurance Scheme – especially difficult given the fears of vulnerable people who rely on it.  In this podcast, former Paralympian Kurt Fearnley, chair of the National Disability Insurance Authority, which implements the scheme, discusses its issues and the road ahead.

Human Rights Interviews

Lisa, who lives with an acquired brain injury, is passionate about protecting the human rights of people with disability.  In this series of interviews, Lisa seeks to explore how various organisations that provide services to people with disability view human rights, and what they are doing to promote the human rights of people with disability.

We Can All Be Leaders Podcast

The podcast series talks about the importance of young people’s involvement, advocating as young people with disabilities and being in feminist spaces where disability is not always at the forefront. Listen and get transcripts online or find it on your preferred podcast app including, Spotify, PodBean and more!

Episode #92 – Disability and health inequity

WHO ‘s latest report highlights that one in six people in the world have significant disability and experience inequity. What are these inequities and how can we address them ? WHO’s Darryl Barrett explains in Science in 5

National Disability Insurance Scheme

The NDIS was meant to transform the lives of all Australians with a disability, but things haven’t quite gone to plan. Many people have found the NDIS difficult to access or inadequate and there has been a huge cost blowout. Hear the story of the NDIS – what we’ve got right, what we’re got wrong and how we might fix it.

What are human rights?

Lisa, who lives with an acquired brain injury, speaks with Dinesh Wadiwel from the University of Sydney about human rights, their origin, their influence and effect.

Let us in!

Australia, the land of the fair go. But do we really live with equal rights and opportunity? Let Us In! explores this theme through the lens of disability. What is it like to live in Australia as a person with disability? Is there a fair go, are we stuck in the past or is it just too hard? Join Kurt Fearnley and Sarah Shands as they unpack some of the big issues for people with disability in modern Australia. Transport, living with COVID, education, access and employment. Things that most people take for granted but for many Australians with disability are a daily struggle.

And You Think You’re the Expert

This podcast series discusses intellectual disability, accessibility and violence and was created in collaboration with women with intellectual disability. Experts are interviewed about how they work with women with intellectual disability who have experienced violence. They share their wisdom around what workers and services could be doing to work better with this group of women.