Let us in!

Australia, the land of the fair go. But do we really live with equal rights and opportunity? Let Us In! explores this theme through the lens of disability. What is it like to live in Australia as a person with disability? Is there a fair go, are we stuck in the past or is it just too hard? Join Kurt Fearnley and Sarah Shands as they unpack some of the big issues for people with disability in modern Australia. Transport, living with COVID, education, access and employment. Things that most people take for granted but for many Australians with disability are a daily struggle.

And You Think You’re the Expert

This podcast series discusses intellectual disability, accessibility and violence and was created in collaboration with women with intellectual disability. Experts are interviewed about how they work with women with intellectual disability who have experienced violence. They share their wisdom around what workers and services could be doing to work better with this group of women.

Special Election Series of Reasonable and Necessary

The election special features interviews with Minister for the NDIS Linda Reynolds, Shadow Minister for the NDIS Bill Shorten and Greens spokesperson on Disability Rights and Services Jordon Steele John. The series concludes with a special panel providing commentary including former Disability Discrimination Commissioner Graeme Innes, PWDA President Samantha Connor and Bruce Bonyhady and Kirsten Deane from the Melbourne Disability Institute.

Reasonable and Necessary Special series: Living with COVID

Reasonable and Necessary is usually a podcast series about making Sense of the NDIS , where each podcast episode aims to simplify the NDIS for participants, their families and anyone supporting NDIS participants to work their way through the system. This is a special series that focusses on how people with disability can live safely with COVID-19.

The I Can’t Stand Podcast

Have you ever wondered what it is like to live with a disability? The I Can’t Stand Podcast is for everyone who has a question or just wondered about disability. No questions are off-limits any question you have is allowed. Every week Peta will answer any question you have, based on her experiences as a single, 30- something woman who has Cerebral Palsy. Have a question?

Rick Morton on… Tales from the NDIS crypt

Journalist and author Rick Morton was hugely popular at WTFH. Now he’s back in episode 34 with loads of juicy insights. You’ll want to break out the popcorn for this one.

Belonging Matters Podcast

This podcast series is for people with disabilities, family and friends of people with disabilities, and anyone interested in providing a more inclusive life for people with disabilities. The podcast is a collection of real life stories focused on the good life for people with disabilities sourced from people with disabilities and their families, and a spectrum of professionals and advocates.

The future for the NDIS

National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) CEO Martin Hoffman has opened up about where the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is heading in an exclusive interview with Summer Foundation Policy Manager and disability advocate, Dr George Taleporos.

Why is the Coalition changing the NDIS?

In 2013 the Gillard government brought in the national disability insurance scheme, but now the Coalition government is working on an overhaul. Luke Henriques-Gomes explains how the changes could prioritise cost-cutting rather than the needs of vulnerable people

Family Voices

This podcast series features casual conversations with families of children with disability and/or developmental delay and the professionals they work alongside. The aim is to support and build families’ knowledge, skills and confidence when navigating the early childhood intervention (ECI) landscape. It is also an opportunity for parents to share their individual stories of everyday life in family with a child diagnosed with a disability and/or developmental delay.

A horrific playground incident: how one school failed its students


Kimberly’s sunny, athletic and inquisitive about everything. But for years she harboured terrible secrets about what happened to her. Janine Fitzpatrick investigates why her school failed to heed credible warnings that she was in danger.

Making better disability tech

Whether permanent, temporary or as result of age, millions of Australians will experience a form of disability. How do we make tech more inclusive? Meet some of the innovators with lived experience of disability driving tech innovation in Australia.

Bushfire preparation and people with disabilities

How we prepare for, get through, and recover from disasters have sadly become increasingly pressing questions. But the impact of disasters, and people’s needs in these conditions can be very different according to their circumstances.

Identity, Sexuality and LGBTIQA+ people with intellectual disability

How far have we come to understand and celebrate the sexuality experiences and identities of LBGTQIA+ adults who have intellectual disability? In this episode, Dr Lizzie Smith and her colleague Kathryn Bartlett from the Living with Disability Research Center share with us findings from their project called Rainbow Me. They talk about what supports or impedes social inclusion of people with intellectual disability who are LGBTQIA+ or gender diverse in disability and LGBTQIA+  spaces and services.