Disability Advocacy in Action

Farewell to Rosemary Crossley, 1945-2023

Dr. Rosemary Crossley, AM, PhD, died on 10/5/2023. She was 78 years old. She became famous as a therapist with and advocate for people with little or no functional speech. In case after case Crossley was able to establish a means of communication with the client, demonstrating that their diagnoses of intellectual disability had been … Continued

Victoria Budget 2023

Significant Initiatives Victorian State Disability Plan $3.9m for 2023-24 ($8.3m/3 yrs) will be invested to deliver a range of initiatives including the continuation of  Disability Liaison Officers to identify and address barriers for people with disability in accessing health services. Funding for the Victorian Disability Advocacy Program to support people with disability through access to advocacy … Continued

Vale Frank Hall-Bentick

On May 24th the death of Frank Hall-Bentick was announced. Frank and his sister Lesley Hall founded the Disability Resource Centre in Melbourne where they advocated for accessible public transport, deinstitutionalisation, equal opportunity employment and much more. “he was one of the country’s, and the world’s, most prolific and celebrated disability advocates. A recipient of … Continued

What does the Victorian State Budget mean for people with disability?

Students with disability and transport are the main winners in this year’s budget.  $235 million will go towards students with disability and their families, along with expanding out of school hours care availability to accommodate their needs.   For Victorians that are unable or unwilling to drive, $190 million will be used to cap public transport fares at the metro rate.  A further $601 million will be spent to build 23 VLocity trains, and $219 million will go towards morel V-Line services, including extra weekend services on major regional train lines. Similarly, $32 million will be set aside for the Students with Disabilities Transport Program, which provides transport assistance for students with disability to attend specialist schools.

What inclusion means: Perspectives of people with disability

This week is National Tourette Syndrome Awareness Week – 2-8 May 2023.  Learn a little bit about Tourette Syndrome from the unique perspective of lived experience with  Jason McCurry. This is part of DARU’s ‘What does inclusion mean to me’ series. You can get more information and resources from Tourette Syndrome Association of Australia Inc. … Continued

Disability Advocacy and the NDIS Course Promo

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) was welcomed in 2013. But it’s become complicated. The onus falls on people with disability to put their support needs into NDIS language, but much is lost in translation. So who can assist when misunderstandings arise and who can step in when things go wrong? In this short course you will learn about how the role of Disability Advocacy intersects with a Participants NDIS journey, and how this role differs from those of Local Area Coordinators and Support Coordinators.

Restrictive practices – tips for disability advocacy course promo

In March 2021 the NDIA released the Regulated Restrictive Practices Guide which identifies each regulated restrictive practice and provides practice advice consistent with a positive behaviour support framework and contemporary evidence informed practice. This short course summarises content presented at an Advocacy Sector Conversations Forum presented by volunteer advocate,Julie Phillips. Topics include the guidelines unpacked, … Continued