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UN Survey Shows Needs of Persons with Disabilities Largely Ignored During Disasters

The UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) and partners, consulted nearly 6,000 persons with disabilities in 126 countries on how they cope and prepare for disasters through an online survey. The results show that people living with disabilities across the world are rarely consulted about their needs in times of disasters. Also highlighted is the … Continued

Recruiters Must have Working Solution to Deal with Disability

Forty-five per cent of the two million Australians living with a disability, live in or near poverty, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. This is partly because most of us spend much of the small income we receive on services and supports. The new national disability insurance scheme will address this over … Continued

Coalition Supports Over 100 Disability Self-help Groups

More than 100 disability self-help groups across Victoria have received a welcome financial boost from the Victorian Coalition Government, Minister for Disability Services and Reform Mary Wooldridge said today. The Victorian Government Disability Self Help Grants program provides one-off payments of up to $5,000 to help run disability self-help groups. “These grants are especially important, … Continued

Fragmented Disability Sector Needs Change

The current arrangements for Australia’s peak bodies on disability are fragmented and confused and in need of an urgent rethink as the National Insurance Disability Scheme becomes a reality, according to one of the country’s main disability rights organisations. Not for Profit rights and advocacy organisation People With Disability Australia, which led the campaign for … Continued

Back to the NDIS Future

DisabilityCare Australia has now officially reverted back to the original name of National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) under the new Coalition Government – a move welcomed by the Not for Profit sector. “Going forward, the Agency will be known as the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA),” the CEO of the National Disability Insurance Agency David … Continued

Disneyland Cracks Down on ‘Disabled’ Queue Jumpers

Disneyland has changed its rules about how disabled visitors can bypass queues, after growing abuse of the system by so-called ‘disabled tour guides’ who were profiting from disability access cards. People with disabilities will no longer go straight to the front of queues at Disneyland and Walt Disney World after growing abuse of the system. … Continued

Equal but Different

With the launch of the new national insurance scheme, DisabilityCare, disability is for once high on the public agenda. Many Australians now agree that the previous system failed those in need and they thus support this long-overdue reform. What is more, there is finally real money on the table, money that can help address the … Continued

Coalition Gives Andrews Control of the Not for Profit Sector

Kevin Andrews has been named Minister for Social Services, under Prime Minister-elect Tony Abbott’s cabinet – placing most of the control of the Not for Profit sector under one portfolio. The social services portfolio, described by Abbott as “the largest area of expenditure and payments in the Budget”, will be responsible for settlement services, multicultural … Continued

Jenny Macklin Laments Loss of Focus on DisabilityCare

FORMER minister for disability reform Jenny Macklin has written to members of the sector lamenting the fall of the portfolio from the cabinet under the incoming Coalition government. “I was disappointed to learn yesterday that the minister in charge of delivering DisabilityCare has been quietly demoted,” she wrote in an email yesterday. “It is deeply … Continued

Offer Single Welfare Benefits to all of Working Age: Advocate

A respected welfare advocate today will urge the Abbott government to implement a plan Tony Abbott proposed more than a decade ago, and introduce a single welfare benefit for people of working age, whether they are disabled, unemployed, or single parents. Peter Davidson, senior adviser to the Australian Council of Social Service, says the present … Continued

Ministerial Appointment for Ageing and Disabilities

As Assistant Minister for Social Services I am delighted to have responsibility as the dedicated minister for ageing and disabilities. Having held the disabilities and carers portfolio for the Coalition for the past four years I am extremely pleased that there will be continuity in front bench representation at ministerial level for Australians with disability, … Continued

Depressed Workers Suffer in Silence Due to Fear that Sharing Problems will Hurt Career

Almost nine out of 10 people living with depression would rather “suffer in silence” than confide in their work colleagues, research shows. This is because many fear that revealing their problem will harm their career prospects, a new report has found. Researchers are calling for employers to implement better support networks for their staff to … Continued

How Home Business Brings Freedom for Entrepreneurs with Disabilities

Running a business from home is popular with entrepreneurs, for reasons such as convenience, cost savings and flexibility. For those who are affected by health issues and disabilities, a home setting can also provide the freedom and flexibility they need to run a successful business. For some, it is their determination to overcome the challenges … Continued

Coalition Reveals Portfolio Responsibilities

The newly sworn-in Coalition Government has released its administrative arrangements showing the list of Not for Profit sector issues largely under the control of the Minister and Deputy Minister for Social Services. The new Minister for Social Services Kevin Andrews’ Department will be responsible for: Ageing research;• Income security and support policies and programs for … Continued

State ‘Must do More’ for Abused Children

The royal commission on child sex abuse is ”not enough” to compensate abused children, according to a group representing former victims. Care Leavers Australia Network is demanding the Victorian government, churches and charities acknowledge the full extent of abuse, neglect and slave labour forced on thousands of orphaned children. The group staged a protest outside … Continued