Campaigns & Awards

Assistive Technology for All

This campaign is calling for people with disability who are not eligible for the NDIS to stop falling through the cracks. These people should have equitable access to the assistive technology they need to lead full and active lives.  Assistive technology benefits us and our communities. It allows us to stay involved in public life, stay working if we want to, remain in our homes, and look after ourselves. We are asking the Australian Government to establish a single National Assistive Technology Program for all people who are not eligible for the NDIS, both younger and older.

COVID-19 Children and Young People with Disabilities Global Statement and Recommendations

Children and young people with disabilities and their families need to be part of efforts for disability inclusive responses and recovery to this pandemic. Children and young people with disabilities should not have their rights compromised, as they already have challenges to accessing the right and appropriate support and resources to give them an equal chance to thrive and reach their potential. Progress made towards disability rights and inclusion – such as access to equal and accessible care and treatment to support dignity and safety, inclusive education, lifelong learning, employment, independent living, a right to family life and social protections – should not be undone. To ensure this, the rights of children and young people with disabilities must be respected and protected.


Victoria must eliminate seclusion and restraint practices within mental health services, and respond to damaging impacts for individuals, including human rights breaches, and physical and emotional harm! “Now that many of us have had a taste of what being cut off from human interaction is like with the COVID 19 restrictions and lockdowns, surely Victorians are more aware of the psychologically damaging effects of seclusion.”

Disability Doesn’t Discriminate campaign

In 2013, the Federal Government deliberately amended the Age Discrimination Act allowing the NDIS to legally exclude people over the age of 65 from the NDIS. Disability Doesn’t Discriminate, but the Government does. Turn 65 and become disabled, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) – meant to be your safety net – doesn’t cover you.

500 days to ensure public transport is accessible for all

people with disabilities have been campaigning for over 40 years to have the same access to transport as everyone else, to get to work and community events. The Disability Discrimination Act (1992) requires that all infrastructure is fully compliant with the Standards for Accessible Public Transport 2002 (DSAPT) by 31 December 2022. That’s 500 days away. And we are woefully behind. The good news is that the Andrews government can deal with the solution once and for all! Sign the petition calling for a commitment from the state government to deliver universal access in the next term of government.

Petition: Approve free rapid antigen tests for all disability support workers.

On behalf of my daughter and every person residing in disability supported accommodation I urge the government to respond with an action plan that will see disability support workers having a funded Rapid Antigen Test before each shift. Urgent and active response is required.

50:50 The Equality Project

The 50:50 Project began in 2018 to address the gender inbalance in news coverage representation. Back then the ratio was 70:30. Due to the projects success, it is now expanded to the 50:50 Equality Project. The focus will broaden from gender to include other under-represented groups: Indigenous Australians, people from culturally and linguistically diverse communities and people with a disability. The first step to improving the diversity of talent is to build the contacts database which will be used to actively find ways to feature people in stories and interviews. Anyone who’s interested to self nominate is encouraged to complete and submit the online form.

Down to 10 days campaign

How long should we have to wait?   Right Now there are Thousands of People with disability who are stuck simply waiting…   Waiting in hospital beds, in nursing homes and at home with their families who are unable to care for them. Waiting to be able to live in a home that meets their needs, like everybody else. Waiting for the NDIS support they are entitled to.

Take action on NDIS cuts and appeals

The National Disability Insurance Agency are telling everyone they are not cutting plans. But People with disability know that their NDIS funding is being slashed. At the same time, the NDIA is spending record millions on external private lawyers. Meanwhile, demand for support from independent disability advocacy services is greater than ever – but there’s not enough funding to help everyone. So people with disability and families are going up against the NDIA’s intimidating private lawyers at the AAT, with little or no support. it’s all just too much! This is not the NDIS we fought for.

Let disabled people tell their stories! (update guardianship and administration law)

Did you know that disabled people cant legally talk to the media about their guardianship or administration hearings and experiences? They have to go to VCAT to ask permission. If they are unhappy with what happened to them at VCAT, they have to go and ask VCAT for permission to talk to the media about that.