Campaigns & Awards

Assistive Technology for All

This campaign is calling for people with disability who are not eligible for the NDIS to stop falling through the cracks. These people should have equitable access to the assistive technology they need to lead full and active lives.  Assistive technology benefits us and our communities. It allows us to stay involved in public life, stay working if we want to, remain in our homes, and look after ourselves. We are asking the Australian Government to establish a single National Assistive Technology Program for all people who are not eligible for the NDIS, both younger and older.

Transport for All – Time to make our public services accessible for everyone

“We need public transport to be accessible to everyone, otherwise it’s not public transport at all.”   Contact your MP and let them know how important it is that every member of our community is included. Over the last four years infrastructure upgrades have been taking place at a glacial speed. Social inclusion is vital, and as a society we cannot tolerate discrimination anymore.   The next government can put things right once and for all! 

Brenda Gabe Leadership Award

Closing date: June 30, 2023

The Award recognises and rewards the contribution women with disabilities have made, that is of direct benefit to women with disabilities, or to making a more inclusive community, in Victoria. The Award is presented every two years. You can nominate yourself or your group (self-nomination) or any individual who identifies as a girl/woman (cis or trans), non-binary, or a gender diverse person who identifies with the values and ethos of WDV and with a disability who resides in Victoria.

Make Sydney Road accessible for ALL – join the campaign

Christian Astourian is the mover and shaker behind this campaign. As a person with disability he will be detrimentally impacted by the planned construction of the Sky Rail in Brunswick, likely to commence in 2026/27. The Victorian Government need to make the tram stops on Sydney Road accessible prior to construction because this is the only real , regular and reliable transport alternative.  This work should have been completed by December 2022. Come to the rally in Brunswick on 17 June or sign the petition to support this campaign.

National Awards for Disability Leadership – nominations now open

Closing date: October 20, 2023

Nominate a disability leader you admire for a National Award for Disability Leadership. The awards recognise and celebrate the extraordinary contribution and leadership shown by disabled people and our organisations in Australia today. These Awards reflect what is important to disabled people and the ways that we are effecting change and pursuing equality for our community. … Continued

Radiothon: Keep Raising Our Voice’s on the airways

Closing date: June 30, 2023

Raising Our Voices is a radio show controlled and run by people with an intellectual disability and acquired brain injury!  It’s been making radio shows on 3CR 855AM since August 1987 and it may well be the oldest radio show run by people with a disability in the world. Raising Our Voices talks about things like disability rights, discrimination, closing institutions, pensions, housing issues, transport and self advocacy. Your help is needed to raise $650 out of $275,000 for 3CR Community Radio.  Please dig deep to help keep 3CR going, and to keep Raising Our Voices on the airways.  No amount is too small even $2 is tax deductible.

Let disabled people tell their stories! (update guardianship and administration law)

Closing date: July 30, 2023

Did you know that disabled people cant legally talk to the media about their guardianship or administration hearings and experiences? They have to go to VCAT to ask permission. If they are unhappy with what happened to them at VCAT, they have to go and ask VCAT for permission to talk to the media about that. Uli wants to change the law so that people with disability have the equal right to speak about their experiences just like everyone else.  You can support the campaign by signing a petition or endorsing a letter to the Attorney general.