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Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council (VMIAC)

The VMIAC is the peak Victorian non-government organisation for people who have experience with a mental illness or emotional distress. VMIAC engages in a number of activities, which include information provision, advice, mutual support and self-help, individual, group and systemic advocacy, research and evaluation, and education and training.

Our Vision
A world where all mental health consumers stand proud, live a life with choices honoured, rights upheld and these principles embedded in all aspects of society.

VMIAC Aims to achieve by:

  • Honouring mental health consumer diversity
  • Providing advocacy for mental health consumers
  • Advancing mental health consumer workforce and leadership
  • Delivering information and training to the community
  • Enabling mental health consumer driven education and  research
  • Developing strategic partnerships.

Our Guiding Principles
VMIACS’s work is premised on the following beliefs:

  • People’s experiences are respected and valued
  • People are experts in their own lives
  • People have a right to self determination
  • People have capacity to make genuine choices, free from coercion
  • People should be safe, respected, valued and informed
  • People’s diversity is embraced
Type of Advocacy:
Individual Advocacy

Area of operation:

Referral Priority:
Mental Health/Illness, NDIS Appeals

Contact Details:

Building 1, 22 Aintree Street,
Brunswick East Vic 3057

(03) 9380 3900