Sister Rocks

We are a group of people with disabilities who

  • Stand up for ourselves
  • Support people to make choices
  • Help with problems
  • Talk about the big issues
  • Learn new things

Why we meet

Sister Rocks is run by people who have a disability.

The group works together to make sure its members have the same rights, choices and opportunities as anyone else.

The group supports people to:

  • Speak up for their rights and help others to do the same
  • Think about options and tell our leaders what they think and need
  • Learn and share information, ideas and skills
  • Plan and work together for more inclusive communities
  • Meet new people and make friends
  • Tell governments and the community about their rights, needs and issues

How it works

A facilitator assists with the running of the group (currently Grampians Advocacy provides the facilitator).

The facilitator’s role is to provide guidance in meeting procedures or advice if the group decides to link up with speakers or other organisations. The facilitator can also help if the group is applying for funding to cover running costs.

The group is supported to be as independent as possible to reach its goals by working together.

At the start of each year a planning session is held to set the program for the year.

Call Grampians Advocacy on 1800552272 for more information.

Meeting Times & Location

3rd Thursday of every month


Youth Room, Stawell Health & Community Centre,

8-22 Patrick Street, Stawell


Type of Advocacy:
Self Advocacy & Campaign Groups

Area of operation:
Rural City of Ararat, Shire of Northern Grampians

Contact Details:

Grampians Disability AdvocacyAddress
Southwalk Arcade, 2/32 Tuson Street
Ararat 2277

1800 552 272

[email protected]