Consumer Affairs Victoria

Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) provides free one-to-one advocacy for people with a disability who need extra help with a tenancy issue.

People with a disability who are vulnerable and disadvantaged may require an advocate in order to negotiate issues with landlords and property managers effectively. We will refer these consumers to our funded advocates, who can provide individual assistance. This assistance includes free help with:

  • understanding rights and responsibilities
  • reading, writing and explaining documents
  • negotiating with landlords and property managers
  • preparing for, and appearing at, Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) hearings.

Aids, equipment and attendant care are essential goods and services for many consumers with a disability, however dissatisfaction with equipment and services can become a source of complaint. CAVĀ have well trained, independent conciliators and investigators who can respond to your complaints promptly.

More information about what CAV can offer people with disability is available at:

Type of Advocacy:
Referral & Information Service

Area of operation:

Contact Details:

113 Exhibition Street
Melbourne 3000

1300 55 81 81