Action on Disability in Ethnic Communities (ADEC)

ADEC’s Vision

To empower people with disabilities from ethnic backgrounds, their
carers and families to fully participate as members of the
Victorian community.

ADEC’s Mission

The Mission states that the way to achieve full citizenship is:

To assist people with disabilities from ethnic backgrounds, their carers
and families to access services and ensure that service systems
are inclusive and responsive to their needs.

Goals that enable the mission to be accomplished

  • To ensure ADEC addresses client needs in a nurturing and supportive manner.
  • To create an effective service that advocates on behalf of clients of all ages, their carers and/or significant others.
  • To ensure that ADEC delivers and operates services within an ethical framework and also within a duty of care for each client.
  • To foster the development of services for communities across Victoria through strategic alliances.
  • To foster research that identifies client needs, carer needs and the needs of significant others and to promote planning based on this research.
  • To work towards building capacity in the community and within the agency.

ADEC Believes

  • Individuals and their needs should be the primary focus of human services.
  • In the potential of each individual regardless of the complexity of issues.
  • In working in partnership with each individual to fulfil their goals.

ADEC Respects:

  • The right of individuals to self-determination and active participation in services provided.
  • The dynamic, diversity and interdependence of relationships surrounding each individual.

ADEC also values:

  • Strategies that empower people within the community
  • The diversity of communities.
Type of Advocacy:
Individual Advocacy

Area of operation:

Referral Priority:
NDIS Appeals, Non-English speaking background

Contact Details:

Head Office Address
175 Plenty Road
Preston Vic 3072

03 9480 7000



Weribee Office Address
4A Watton St
Werribee 3030

03 9480 7000


Dandenong Office Address
1/ 50 Thomas St,
Dandenong, Vic 3175

03 9480 7000