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Action for More Independence and Dignity in Accommodation (AMIDA)

AMIDA helps people with disabilities if they are having problems where they live.

AMIDA does this by:

  • telephone advice, information, referral and support
  • direct advocacy on your behalf.
  • education individually or in groups about your housing rights.

AMIDA advocates for tenants rights for people with a disability by:

  • standing up for people with a disability as a group
  • advocating for rights for people living in Community Residential Units
  • working with other housing groups about rights for tenants with a disability
  • speaking out for the rights of people in institutions

AMIDA works toward better access to housing for people with a disability by:

  • working for more and better public housing
  • supporting better access to housing
  • working with other groups to encourage community living with appropriate support for all people with a disability to enjoy a better life in the community
Type of Advocacy:
Individual Advocacy

Area of operation:

Referral Priority:
Accommodation/Housing, Intellectual disability, NDIS Appeals

Contact Details:

Ross House, 1st Floor, 247 Flinders Lane
Melbourne Vic 3000

03 9650 2722