Getting advocacy support to help you access the National Disability Insurance Scheme Brochure

Need help from an advocate to access the NDIS? This booklet contains information for people living in Victoria. It includes some frequently asked questions and a list of organisations which can help you.

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VicDAN is short for Victorian Disability Advocacy Network. It is a network of legal and non-legal disability advocacy organisations. VicDAN’s aims include to provide:

  • strong, combined agency advocacy on issues related to the NDIS, which may include systemic and individual issues
  • information resources targeted to stakeholders, NDIS staff, advocacy agency staff and clients 
  • information on referral pathways to advocacy services for stakeholders, NDIS staff, advocacy agency staff and clients 
  • ongoing education as identified and needed. 


Printing Instructions

This is a 15 page DL brochure.  For professionally printed copies, contact Victoria Legal Aid to arrange delivery at [email protected] Alternatively the download below can be printed as an A4 double sided 5 page document.

Download booklet (PDF)