When can physical restraint be authorised by guardians?

In February 2022, VCAT published advice about when and how an appointed guardian can authorise the use of forcible physical restraint in order to administer medication to people under their guardianship.

This webinar will explore:

  • why the Office of the Public Advocate sought VCAT’s advice regarding the scope of the Office of the Public Advocate’s powers to authorise physical restraint
  • a brief background of the case and the advice, including the application of the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities to guardians and VCAT
  • any potentially far-reaching consequences of the advice, and
  • the practical implications of VCAT’s advice for guardians and those under guardianship orders.


Thu 19th May, 20222pm - 3pm Online

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Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission & Office of the Public Advocate

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