Harnessing the Power of Valued Roles

This is a 2 session webinar series.

Our roles are not only an important part of our identity but they provide the means to belong and contribute to the community. People with an intellectual disability and/or Autism are often denied access to the abundance of valued roles available in the community. Or we might be committed to assisting people to pursue valued roles but unsure how to build or deepen them. This webinar focuses on the building of valued roles and discovering ways to ensure that people not only take up roles but feel like they belong and contribute to associational, workplace and community life.

Topics covered in this workshop

  • About valued roles and why are they important,
  • How to identify and build valued roles,
  • How to strengthen, broaden and deepen valued roles,
  • How to move beyond just access and presence to discover ways to contribute and truly belong to the culture of a community club, workplace or other group.



Tue 25th May, 202110am - 12:30pmSession 1
Fri 11th Jun, 202110am - 12:30pmSession 2

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Belonging Matters

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