Gateways and Gatekeepers: An exploration of the issues facing people with episodic mental illness during transition to the NDIS

This webinar is part of the Advocacy Sector Conversations forum series.

Indications suggest that improvements to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) policy design and implementation are required, to better support the specific needs of people with psychosocial disability, especially given the fluctuating nature of mental health. Furthermore, as resources are diverted away from Victorian community mental health services towards the NDIS, those deemed ineligible face an uncertain future.

Dr Liz Hudson will present the findings from her PhD research, which involved exploring the experiences of people with psychosocial disability during transition to the NDIS. She discovered that system-level structural barriers and rationing decisions applied by NDIS staff lead to differential pathways for people experiencing mental illness.


Wed 9th Jun, 202111am - 12pmOnline

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ASC forum

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Natasha Brake

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03 9639 5807


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