Systemic Advocacy

Power of relationships
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Systemic advocacy is all about creating positive change for many people.

This course is all about ways that we can create this positive change for people with disability. Not just one on one individual change, but change to systems and processes that can have a profound and positive effect for many people.

On completing this course, learners will know:

  • What is systemic advocacy and why do we do it.
  • How to break down systemic problems, and developing tangible asks to solve that problem.
  • Understanding who “targets” are, who are the people that influence them, and how to reach them.
  • An understanding of parliamentary and government processes.
  • How to develop effective advocacy activities and tactics that can create change.


1. Foundations of systemic advocacy

The Foundations module covers what systemic advocacy is and why you should do it. We also examine some examples of systemic advocacy and you will begin to understand your advocacy power and persona.

2. Mapping problems and asks

Systemic issues for people with disability are so big that the problems can seem insurmountable. In this module you will learn how to break the big problems down into smaller more manageable ones and come up with tangible solutions and "asks".

3. Targets and Influencers

You've mapped the problem and developed up the asks but what now? This module looks at identifying who you need to target and who influences them. Targets and influencers have responsibility for the systemic problem you are trying to solve.

4. Advocacy cycles and tactics

This module looks at tactics that can be implemented within 4 key advocacy cycles that will assist to leverage your systemic advocacy work.

5: Advocacy Tactics: tips and tricks

Making your tactics work is essential to get decision makers onside. Learn from our in-house experts on how to make the most of your advocacy activities.

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