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Congratulations on taking the next step to employ people with disability in your organisation. There are many benefits to both your organisation as well as people with disability when you open your workplace to diversity and inclusion.

This Toolkit includes a wide range of resources that cover key areas of disability employment, and how to support it in your workplace. You will find short videos, text-based information and case studies to demonstrate how disability employment can work for you.

While the information included in the Toolkit will provide you with extensive background and practical advice for employing people with disability, there are many other individuals, organisations, services and resources available through JobAccess that can assist you.

For example, the Employment Assistance Fund is available to help make workplace adjustments, and the JobAccess Employer Engagement – National Disability Recruitment Coordinator (NDRC) can help larger organisations find the right candidates.

There are references throughout the Toolkit to these services, as well as other organisations which are included on each page as downloadable resources.

Together with the information provided here, these resources can assist you to plan, and implement the right strategies to make your workplace and employment process accessible so disability employment can become a key part of your organisation’s values, processes, operations and culture.

No matter whether you are looking to hire a person with disability for the first time, or you’ve hired someone before and are looking to take the next steps, there is information available in this Toolkit for you.

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