Strengthening Disability Advocacy conference 2014
Champions of change

4 & 5 August @ Melbourne & Olympic Park Convention Centre

Thomas Banks

Photo of Thomas Banks, Performer and LEAD Barwon Graduate

Performer and LEAD Barwon Graduate

Thomas Banks has an extensive amount of professional experience working in both the disability and arts sectors. He’s currently a representative on several different disability committees, including; Victorian Human Rights Commission’s Disability Reference Group and  Australian Communication Exchanges Consumer Advisory Group.

Thomas has been working with Platform Youth Theatre for the last 4 years to develop his one man show Someone Like Thomas Banks, which focuses on his personal experiences as a young homosexual guy with a disability who is searching for love with another guy.

Thomas leads an innovative business where he goes into all different environments to teach people about how to work and communicate with people with disabilities. He delivers intense workshops to businesses, schools, universities, and other community organisations where he challenges audience’s perceptions and attitudes in an interactive way.


Let’s talk about sex

Tuesday 5th August, 2014: 3:30am - 5:00am

Your accessible accommodation or mine? Get ready for a frank panel discussion about the ways people with a disability express their sexuality and needs within relationships. The covers are peeled back and the panel will look at challenges faced by people with a disability when asserting their right to a fulfilling life.