Strengthening Disability Advocacy conference 2014
Champions of change

4 & 5 August @ Melbourne & Olympic Park Convention Centre

Stephanie Gotlib

Photo of Stephanie Gotlib, Executive Officer, Children With Disability Australia

Executive Officer, Children With Disability Australia

Stephanie commenced with CDA in 2008. Stephanie has a social work background and has worked in the area of disability for 20 years. This has included working in direct service provision, management and governance. Stephanie has experience of disability as a sibling and as a parent. Stephanie’s professional and personal experience has enabled her to confront issues regarding fairness, equal opportunity, participation in the community, acceptance of differences and ‘best practice’ in service delivery. Stephanie has frequently challenged the system to make improvements for children and young people with disability.


Not another brick in the wall: Making education inclusive

Monday 4th August, 2014: 1:30am - 2:30am

Stephanie Gotlib
With all the talk about Gonski reform, disability loading in schools funding, social inclusion and belonging, how can we ensure that children with disabilities achieve a meaningful learning experience? This panel session, chaired by Stephanie Gotlib, Executive Officer of Children With Disability Australia, discusses policy that will positively impact on inclusive education for students with a disability.