Strengthening Disability Advocacy Conference 2016
Putting rights centre stage

Friday 2 September @ NAB, The Hall, 700 Bourke Street, Docklands

Mary Mallett

Photo of Mary Mallett, Chief Executive Officer, Disability Advocacy Network Australia (DANA)

Chief Executive Officer, Disability Advocacy Network Australia (DANA)

DANA is the Canberra based national peak body for independent disability advocacy in Australia. DANA supports organisations in every state and territory that work to promote and advocate for the rights of people with disability. With the advent of the NDIS independent advocacy will be even more important in assisting people to have true choice and control, and ensure that their rights are respected and honoured as they navigate a new system.


Rights, camera action! Advocacy beyond 2016

Friday 2nd September, 2016: 12:00am - 1:00am

How do advocates get issues on the public agenda now? How do we best connect with allies, decision-makers and the general public? Do we need to shift our campaigns online, or are those mass rallies that served us so well in the past still effective enough to drive change?