Strengthening Disability Advocacy conference 2014
Champions of change

4 & 5 August @ Melbourne & Olympic Park Convention Centre

Dr Patsie Frawley

Photo of Dr Patsie Frawley, Research Fellow, La Trobe University

Research Fellow, La Trobe University

Patsie has been working alongside people with an intellectual disability for over twenty-five years, as an educator, advocate, policy advisor and researcher. Her research focus is on sexuality and relationships, abuse prevention, rights and self-advocacy. Through this work she has developed inclusive and collaborative approaches to researching with people with an intellectual disability. Patsie has worked on some innovative programs including the Living Safer Sexual Lives: Respectful Relationships peer education program, a program that has been run across Australia and used to inform violence prevention rograms for women with disabilities internationally.


Let’s talk about sex

Tuesday 5th August, 2014: 3:30am - 5:00am

Your accessible accommodation or mine? Get ready for a frank panel discussion about the ways people with a disability express their sexuality and needs within relationships. The covers are peeled back and the panel will look at challenges faced by people with a disability when asserting their right to a fulfilling life.