Chloe Hayden

Chloe Hayden

Photo of Chloe Hayden, Actor and Advocate

Actor and Advocate

Chloe Hayden is a twenty year old girl from country Victoria, diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome at the age of thirteen.

After struggling through her childhood and early teenage years by not feeling included in society, feeling outcast and unable to connect to anyone, she suffered intense bullying through school, which ended up with her spending some time in hospital.

As an eighteen year old, Chloe came to the realisation that she wasn’t the only child who has felt like this, and that there was thousands of other children out there who had gone through the same things she was, simply because there was no one who understood.

And that’s how Princess Aspien was born.

Chloe took charge of the situation, and now spends her life living her dream through acting, performing and advocating for children on the spectrum through interactive, fun videos and blog posts, which tackle the harder pressed details of living with Autism, while keeping it fun, encouraging and entertaining for a younger audience, and educational for their parents.

An ambassador for Yellow Ladybugs, Aspergers Victoria and Treehouse Geelong, she dedicates her life to being a role model, advocate and encourager to children and adults alike on the Autism spectrum, and helping their families to see through and get a greater understanding.


Selling the Unsellable: Marketing Disability

Friday 14th September, 2018: 3:00pm - 4:00pm

We have seen perceptions and behaviour change through campaigns such as the QUIT campaign, Slip Slop Slap campaigns, marriage equality and family violence. So what will it take to shift the historic attitudes of deficit towards people with disabilities to an acceptance of ability?