Friday 14th September, 2018: 9:30am - 9:50am


The Hall


Facilitated by:

Wayne Herbert, Disability Activist, Author and Presenter

Wayne is back by popular demand - a prominent and outspoken international public speaker, presenter, advocate, and now writer promoting the rights of and opportunities for people with disability and people in the LGBTIQ community. Wayne is a solutions-focused thought leader. He knows there is much work to be done to improve the employment of people with disability. He knows all too well that as a country, Australia cannot let the skills and talents of people with disability go to waste. Wayne takes up speaking opportunities throughout Australia on issues of disability, diversity and human resources. Wayne’s entire career is focused on assisting people with disability into employment and training using his experience in all aspects of client relations, human resources, and business administration. Photo of Wayne Herbert, Disability Activist, Author and Presenter

Session Summary

Wayne Herbert, Disability Activist, Author and Comedian and MC for the day, introduces the conference theme. This is followed by a ‘Welcome to Country’ presented by an Elder from Wurundjeri Land & Compensation Cultural Heritage Council Aboriginal Corporation. Professor David Hayward is the Director of the Future Social Services Institute and also the sponsor for SDAC18 gives a short address.



From behind the scenes, we know that one of the references that Professor Hayward used in preparing his speech was ‘The Social Model’ by Jordan Steel-John. We love it so much that we thought we’d include it here as a bonus.