Strengthening Disability Advocacy Conference 2019: Advocacy under pressure

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What’s it about?

Advocacy issues arising for people with disability are increasingly related to national  systems such as the NDIS and Centrelink. The introduction of the National Quality and Safeguards Commission, and the much anticipated Royal Commission into Abuse and Neglect of People with Disability, further shift the focus from state to federal and increases the load on advocacy organisations.

The overwhelming demand for advocacy support through review and appeals processes within national systems means that many organisations are, for the first time, putting waitlists in place as a way of managing the onslaught. Burnout is becoming an increasing reality for advocates and another thing that organisations need to manage.  And yet, despite relentless and  persistent advocacy efforts, gaining fairness and basic rights for people with disability seems more and more elusive.

Advocacy Under Pressure will feature sessions that share ideas and strategies for working smarter, giving organisations the  practical tips and  tools they need to short circuit the bureaucracy and make  the systems work better for everyone.

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