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Making Rights Reality for Sexual Assault Victims with a Disability

Making Rights Reality is a program to increase access to the criminal justice system for people who have been sexually assaulted and have a cognitive impairment and/or communication difficulties. The program enhances existing services to provide greater accessibility. The service provides clients with crisis care, counselling, advocacy, legal information and advice, and support through the … Continued

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Southern Disability Advocacy

Southern Disability Advocacy advocates for people with disability, to represent their rights and interests. We are part of the National Disability Advocacy Program, funded by the Commonwealth Department of Social Services. Statement of purpose: To provide an advocacy service for people with disabilities that represents and protects their rights and interests. To assist people with … Continued

Disability Resources Centre (DRC)

We provide individual advocacy to adults with physical, sensory, intellectual, neurological, psychosocial and/or multiple disabilities. We also work on systemic issues and conduct and support campaigns, which aim to provide long-term benefits for many people. From time to time, we hold public forums to discover the issues that matter most to people with disabilities. We … Continued

Disability Justice Australia

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(03) 9474 0077 Toll Free Number 1800 808 126

Disability Justice Australia Inc. DJA provides advocacy support to people who have ongoing  support needs as a result of a disability and  focuses on working with the person with a disability and supporting their needs, rights and interests to address and resolve issues they identify. DJA is independent of all other services and free of conflicts … Continued