Roxon Defends Anti-discrimination ‘Eexposure’

Attorney General Nicola Roxon has defended the process in the overhaul of anti-discrimination laws as she is set to quash proposed prohibitions on causing offence.

The provisions has been been earmarked as part of an overhaul of anti-discrimination laws.

Department officials are reworking the exposure draft and will remove a controversial section that prohibits conduct that offends, insults and intimidates.

Ms Roxon told ABC radio that the ”release of the exposure draft had done its work”.

She said officials from the Attorney General department will present a ”series of options” to the parliamentary inquiry examining the bill.

”These options will include the removal of section 19(2)b,” she said.

”The main objective of this bill is to simplify and consolidate many discrimination laws into one.

”The draft legislation is designed to amalgamate five existing statutes covering age, disability, race, sex and other forms of discrimination into a single statute.”

Almost 600 submissions have been made to the senate committee on legal and constitutional affairs.

The controversial section has attracted criticism from the opposition and from legal and human rights experts.

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Date published:
Thu 31st Jan, 2013