Report on Government Services 2019

This is a recurring report.

Part F, chapter 15 includes Services for People with Disability. This chapter reports on the Australian, State and Territory governments’ assistance provided to people with disability and their carers.

Nationally in 2016-17 (2017-18 data were not available for this Report), the number of people with disability using NDA specialist disability services as a proportion of the estimated potential population was:

  • Community support, 20.7 per cent (127 751 users)
  • Respite, 13.5 per cent (35 534 users)
  • Open employment, 9.3 per cent of people who had an employment restriction (128 950 users)
  • Community access, 7.8 per cent (48 218 users)
  • Supported employment, 6.0 per cent (18 354 users)
  • Accommodation support, 5.3 per cent (33 083 users).

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Date published:
Fri 1st Feb, 2019