Invest to solve housing crisis for people with disability

Disability and housing groups have come together to call for a significant investment in disability housing to make sure that all people with disability live in homes that are safe, affordable and accessible.

Whether it’s renting, owning a home, or in public and social housing, people with disability need the Federal Government to invest to make sure we have equal access to a place to live. Much of Australia’s housing stock is unaffordable or inaccessible, and our policy settings push people with disability into unsafe and unwanted housing, such as group homes or boarding houses, or even into homelessness.

The package includes measures to make more homes accessible, to increase the supply of affordable and social housing, and reform the Specialist Disability Accommodation funding in the NDIS. People with disability are being forced into group homes and aged care, can’t find an accessible place to live, and are struggling to afford a home. Each of the measures in this package will work to solve these problems.

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Housing, Accommodation, Tenancy

PWDA (People with Disabilities Australia), Summer Foundation, National Shelter and ANUHD (Australian Network for Universal Housing Design

Date published:
Thu 7th Feb, 2019