Partner Assisted Learning System (PALS) Modules

The Partner Assisted Learning System is a set of materials that encourages and assists people to work and learn in partnership. In this way partners help, understand and guide each other within their various workplace, recreation and/or learning environments so that they both can contribute and learn.

Partners are expected to learn co-operatively by completing one or more learning modules together. Topics covered by the modules include:

  • Learning Together
  • Making Friends
  • Being Safe
  • Fitting In
  • Looking Out For Each Other
  • Getting Out and Joining In
  • Meeting Together

Addditional resources such as implementation information are also included in this package.

The resource is available for loan through DARU.  Contact:

T: (03) 9639 5807

Also available for loan is the Partner Assisted Learning System (PALS) Management Toolkits which can be used in conjunction with the PALS Modules.

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