National Budget 2017

Federal budget: Medicare levy and taxes to fully fund National Disability Insurance Scheme
Paul Karp, The Guardian
Scott Morrison will tonight ­announce full funding of the ­National Disability Insurance Scheme beyond 2019, in a move that has forced the government to find an extra $6 billion in annual savings to meet the implementation costs.
Big banks up in arms at $6.2b levy
Australia’s big banks have given a big thumbs down to Scott Morrison’s plans to slug them with a new levy, while measures to guarantee funding for the National Disability Scheme received a big tick.
Budget 2017: Medicare levy rise finances NDIS and banks hit for budget repair
Michelle Gratton, The Conversation
Taxpayers will be hit with a rise in the Medicare levy and the big banks face a new tax in a budget that pitches to win back disillusioned voters and to reassure the rating agencies.
Medicare levy hike to fund NDIS
Sky News
Taxpayers will split the bill for the national disability insurance scheme through a 0.5 per cent hike to the Medicare levy.
Medicare levy increased by 0.5 per cent to fully fund NDIS in Federal Budget
Sue Dunlevy, News Corp Australia Network
The future of the NDIS, the scheme that provides care for Australians with a disability, is guaranteed after the government increased the Medicare levy by 0.5 per cent to fully fund it in tonight’s Budget.
Almost all Australian workers will pay a higher Medicare levy to fund the NDIS
Simon Thomsen, Business Insider
The Turnbull government gave working Australia a tax increase in Tuesday’s budget in a bid to find cash to offset $55.7 billion in unfunded liabilities in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) over the next decade.
Budget 2017: The War On Welfare
Josh Butler, Huffington Post
Drug testing for welfare recipients. Expanding the controversial Cashless Debit Card to more communities, and to those who fail drug tests. Cutting disability payments for alcoholism and drug addiction. A speeding-style “demerit” system for missing appointments.
Budget’s war on drugs as Treasurer Scott Morrison warns welfare recipients: ‘It’s a two-way street’
Dana McCauley,
Treasurer Scott Morrison has declared war on drug addicts, dole bludgers and cheats.
Budgets Forget That We’re All In This Together
Kasy Chambers, Huffington Post
Budgets are about priorities. They’re about what we invest in, what we value, and who we are. But instead of bringing us together, Federal Budgets have too often been used to pit Australians against each other.
Budget 2017: welfare crackdown features drug tests
Sarah Martin, The Australian
Tough jobseeker compliance measures and a new drug-testing regime will underpin a sweeping overhaul of Australia’s welfare system, which will see seven payments, including Newstart, scrapped and replaced with one.
Budget 2017: ScoMo ticks all the boxes with political budget
Phillip Coorey, Australian Financial Review
This isn’t just a budget of which Labor would be proud, and the Greens can hardly grizzle either. It taxes big, spends big, builds big, looks after the needy – and belts the banks.
Higher taxes in ‘better times’ budget
AAP, Nine News
Most Australian workers will pay higher taxes from 2019, while the big banks are hit with a $6.2 billion levy, as the Turnbull government seeks to pay for disability insurance and balance the books.
Budget 2017: Substance abuse crackdown and random tests for dole bludgers
Natasha Bita, The Daily Telegraph
Druggies and drunks will be booted off the dole or forced into rehab as the Turnbull government forces random drug tests on the jobless.
Budget 2017: Older migrants to face stricter welfare residency test
Rashida Yosufzai, Jackson Gothe-Snape, SBS News
More than 2000 new migrants will be barred from the age pension or disability payments in 2018 under tighter eligibility requirements announced by the government as part of the 2017 Budget.
Budget 2017: tough love to tie up loose ends
Rick Morton, The Australian
This is the parental “we’re not angry at you we’re just disappointed” welfare budget, equal parts tough and equal parts love.
Date published:
Tue 9th May, 2017